Industrial Worker #1685 (June 2006)

Industrial Worker #1685 (June 2006)

Articles from the June 2006 issue of the Industrial Worker, the newspaper of the revolutionary union, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

Contents include:

- Millions strike, march in massive May Day protests

- It's no silver screen: Shattuck Cinema workers go IWW by Dean Dempsey

- U.S. to dispatch troops to Mexican border?

- Readers' soapbox - Farewell, Fellow Worker: Reino Erkkila

- Madison IWW organizing downtown workers by John Peck

- Fabric store workers make gains with new contract by x345292

- Around our union

- Workers march against war

- NYC transit union sues to make bosses accept concessions

- AK Steel lock-out in third month by x360160

- Workers of the world have nothing to lose but their Zip Codes by Eric Lee

- 1,000 activists at Labor Notes meet by Harry Kelber

- Air transport workers form industrial network by Joshua Devries

- Delphi, unions nearing concessions deal?

- "My son was killed": Workers Memorial Day, Philadelphia

- Five Amersino IWW members fired after rigged NLRB election

- Open Letter: Where were you, big labor, the day workers moved a nation?

- Intransigent in Illinois: Hey Electri-Flex, show your workers some respect! by Rik Hakala and Matt Zito

- General strike hits employers in pockets

- The machines stand idle, producing no wealth by Steve Kellerman

- Euro Mayday protests casualization

- “We’ve been robbed long enough. It’s time to strike” : Remember the 1916 strike on Minnesota’s iron range by Jeff Pilacinski

- Remembering the Coors strike by Gary Cox

- Review: Bread & roses: mills, migrants and the struggle for the American dream by Bruce Watson

- Depression-era anthem echoes immigrant struggle by Mark R. Wolff

- Pittsburgh IWW celebrates May Day & branch charter day by Kevin Farkas

- Newspaper workers stand together in Philly

- World labor solidarity

- Unions celebrate May Day amidst growing social conflict in Mexico by Paul Bocking

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