Jacques Camatte and the new politics of liberation - Dave Antagonism

Jacques Camatte and the new politics of liberation - Dave Antagonism

A compilation of a series of articles that were spread over three issues of 'Green Anarchy' (#18, #19, #20), as an introduction to Camatte's writing and their influence on green anarchism.


Jun 15 2016 13:46

One of the better short and critical introductions to the later works of Camatte for those new to his ideas but despite the authors more positive gloss, Camatte's works need to be read very critically less initial enthusiasm for some of his more interesting insights leads one down the path of a Nihilist Communism.

With Sober Senses
Jul 9 2016 22:54

So I wrote this 14 years ago or so. I was thinking of re-reading Camatte. I could write an update if there is any interest in that....

With Sober Senses
Jul 9 2016 23:12

I would generally agree with that point - I think my unsuccessful attempt to bounce Camatte against Negri was an attempt to refuse a pessimistic determinism found in the former.

Jul 10 2016 12:22

I'd be interested in an update.

I don't know how much of Camatte's output is available in English but you can find all the issues of Invariance here, if that's helpful:

With Sober Senses
Jul 10 2016 12:49

Ta, I think Autonomedia originally planned to publish 3 volumes of his work.

Jul 10 2016 21:42

yes, in the end, (unfortunately) only one was published - This World We Must Leave (and other essays)

With Sober Senses
Jul 11 2016 03:37

That's the one I am most familiar with. I have an old battered copy of Capital & Community in Russia I need to read one day too.
Lately I have found the final essay of This World We Must Leave entitled 'Echoes of the Past' really useful in trying to understand some elements of the 'alt right'.