The Grievance - Martin Glaberman

Martin Glaberman's chapbook 'The Grievance'. This was published as a 'little book' on Stan Weir's Singlejack press in 1980.

Sizikov, Ivan Evgenyevich (1883-1921)

Ivan Sizikov

A short biography of Siberian anarchist communist Ivan Sizikov

Internationale Korrespondentie - April/May 1975

April-May issue of Internationale Korrespondentie, a Dutch left-communist journal. This issue presents early (and likely the first) Dutch translations of Paolo Carpignano's article on U.S. class composition in the sixties and Mariarosa Dalla Costa's 'Women and the Subversion of the Community'.

Steelmill Blues

Steve Packard's small booklet "Steelmill Blues," one of the first "little books" published by Singlejack Books, in 1978. Part of an effort by Stan Weir and others to popularize workers' writings. Packard reflects on his time at US Steel in Indiana.

Kurilenko, Vasily Vasilyevich (1891-1921)

Vasily Kurilenko (centre)

A short biography of anarchist communist and Makhnovist Vasily Kurilenko

Stan Weir - Letter on Singlejack Books

A letter sent by Stan Weir along with his shipment of assorted records to the Tamiment Library at NYU. In it is he gives a brief synposis of the "kafkaesque" difficulties he encountered trying to run Singlejack Books. He summarized: "Half the contents of this box reveal how the US gov't can make it impossible for a small publishing effort to survive."

Danilov, Vasiliy Antonovich (1893 - 1960)

Vasily Danilov and Rosa, Bucharest, 1954

Kharlamov, Vasiliy Antonovich (1899-1964)

Kharlamov on right

A short biography of Vasily Kharlamov, Makhnovist and close friend of Nestor Makhno.

My veins do not end in my body

My veins do not end in my body

I believe the world is beautiful
and that poetry, like bread, is for everyone.
And that my veins don’t end in me
but in the unanimous blood
of those who struggle for life

"We Have to Stick Together": The Story of the Strike at Booster Precision Components

In 2021, workers in a German-owned automotive supplier in Slovakia mounted a successful strike to defend themselves against wage cuts. This is the story of their struggle.