Liberation - Paper of the Anarchist Communist Federation (1986-87)


Serge Forward
Mar 1 2020 10:31

This came about when the ACF was formed out of the Libertarian Communist Discussion Group (London) and the Syndicalist Fight group (Medway) with other scattered individuals around the country. So London published the magazine, Virus, and Medway towns did Liberation. After the first two issues, Medway group collapsed with at least one of their movers and shakers going over to the SWP! So London took it over after that and I was involved in editing/pasting up issues 3-5. We decided to cease publication because, being a small organisation at the time (30-odd strong) we couldn't sustain two publications. So we focused on Virus, which went on to become Organise!

And sadly, there were no more episodes of Tatty the Rat.

R Totale
Mar 1 2020 16:39

Cheers for that background - I had been wondering if there were any other issues, but sounds like the Sparrows' Nest collection has the whole run in that case.