Libertarian Communism

Libertarian Communism logo from issue 5

A complete online archive of Libertarian Communism, a socialist journal published in ten issues between 1972 and 1976 by some members of the Socialist Party of Great Britain. It was named 'Libertarian Communism' in 1974 following their expulsion from the party. Higher resolution scans also available.

“Critical theory and revolutionary practice” no. 1, October 1972
Unnamed journal, (undated and unnumbered but annotated no. 2, April 1973)
Unnamed journal, (undated and unnumbered but annotated no. 3, September 1973)
“Revolutionary Communism”, no.4 (no date but late 1973)
“Libertarian Communism”, no.5, April 1974
“Libertarian Communism”, no.6, June 1974
“Libertarian Communism”, no. 7, January 1975
“Libertarian Communism”, no.8 (undated but June 1975)
“Libertarian Communism”, no.9 December 1975
“Libertarian Communism”, no.10, July 1976

libertarian-communism-1972-01-oct.pdf3.79 MB
libertarian-communism-1973-02-apr.pdf12.06 MB
libertarian-communism-1973-03-sep.pdf6.43 MB
libertarian-communism-1973-04.pdf3.86 MB
libertarian-communism-1974-05-apr.pdf4.14 MB
libertarian-communism-1974-06-jun.pdf3.82 MB
libertarian-communism-1975-07-jan.pdf3.31 MB
libertarian-communism-1975-08-jun.pdf3.85 MB
libertarian-communism-1975-09-dec.pdf16.49 MB
libertarian-communism-1976-10 Final Issue.pdf31.27 MB


Sep 2 2020 13:16

I must thank jondwhite for publishing these very early duplicated discussion journals at least for the purposes of historical record. The listing would benefit from including No2 with it's extended discussion of women's liberation. No's 9 and 10 are less interesting and worthwhile in so far as they were dominated by discussion of draft material for the subsequent Social Revolution group statement (see here with my additional comments attached Some of the early contributors either stayed in or rejoined the spgb later and might not be so happy with their contributions being republished now and of course others including myself have developed our ideas and activities in other very different directions since then. In particular however I do value the reappearance of various short contributions by my old departed comrade John Crump (in issue No's 5 and 8) which others might also find of some interest.

Dec 24 2017 21:37

Thanks. Specific redactions or removals can be considered on request. I don't have issues 2, 9 or 10 but if anyone can help with these I can scan and upload.

klas batalo
Dec 24 2017 22:27

awesome thanks for publishing on here! smile

Dec 27 2017 22:46

Have at least two of these on file in a box. Cool. Time to looks again.

Jan 10 2018 14:00

Ah, Phil McShane, I note, wrote an article in Libertarian Communism. What happened to him?

Splits and Fusions
Mar 22 2019 08:49
Splits and Fusions
Apr 6 2019 15:18

Hi all,

I recently made good quality scans of all ten issues of Libertarian Communism plus assorted Social Revolution leaflets and pamphlets (from the Bob Miller collection held at Sparrows Nest)

Will try to make them available soon but not sure how to upload to LibCom.


Oct 4 2020 13:31

Some other material connected to this (which includes LC No2) plus more from across the past historically inter-related Left and Libertarian Communist groups in the UK here:

Splits and Fusions
Nov 12 2020 08:41

All the material is here- includes leaflets and pamphlets. Someone feel free to take and upload to Libcom.

Dec 14 2020 16:34

Added the two missing issues from Splits & Fusions.