Love & Rage Vol. 1 No. 1, April 1990

Love & Rage Vol. 1 No. 1, April 1990

The first issue of Love & Rage, with articles on the fall of apartheid, international news, remembering Malcolm X, a killer cop convicted after riots in Miami, a meeting of the anti-racist skinhead group The Syndicate, the defeat of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, anarchist action in Warsaw, direct actions for Earth Day, the invasion of Panama, a raid on a squatted community centre in New York, prisoner news including John Perotti and Spanish political prisoners both going on hunger strikes, a misogynist massacre in Montreal, feminist organising in the East Bay, ACT UP, and the "On Gogol Boulevard" column of news from the collapsing Eastern Bloc.

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R Totale
Dec 25 2020 14:24

This one has a great letter from one of the Demolition Derby people, published under the title "Pessimist Unenthusiastic", basically just saying "I hear you're starting a new paper, I'm expecting it'll probably be shit, whatever."

Dec 25 2020 17:15

Also, on pages 10 & 11 there's an article "East Bay Women's Community Gets Rolling: Smashing scales, wielding speculums, and demanding much more than our rights," with a photo of a creative demonstration at the UC Berkeley campus in 1990. I was there and it was pretty fun, except the campus pigs arrested 3 of the core organizers that night before. Yet women wielded sledge hammers and smashed diet products and bathroom scales, having previously discussed "fat liberation, anorexia, and the portrayal of women by the mass media." The event was themed as a "positive body image" event, but that didn't stop the the university pigs from sending a phalanx in full riot gear. There had been 3-4 riots down the adjacent business district along Telegraph Avenue that year, so I guess the cops were ready for another. A lasting pleasant memory for me, seeing my comrades smash that shit up in the heart of the campus in the noonday sun.

Black Badger
Dec 25 2020 17:19

and the Demolition Derby guy was correct

Feb 15 2021 03:06

Demolition who?