Mortgaged lives - Ada Colau and Adrià Alemany

Mortgaged lives - Ada Colau and Adrià Alemany

Written by two of the founders of the PAH, Mortgaged Lives explains the causes of and points towards those responsible for the Spanish mortgage crisis and the broader situation. Ada Colau and Adrià Alemany analyze the role of the public administration, reveal the fights carried out by the PAH through first-person accounts and offer advice and useful resources for defending the right to housing and avoiding abuses of power by banks and financial institutions.

Mortgaged Lives
Vidas Hipotecadas

By Ada Colau and Adrià Alemany
Prologues by Gerard Pisarello and José Coy

Translation by Michelle Teran, published by the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest with help by Traficantes de Sueños.

Mortgaged Lives is available for free download or hardcopy purchase (paperback) via the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest.

$10 dollars + $6.99 shipping worldwide.

In lieu of a fee, please consider making a donation to the PAH.

(Original Spanish version published by Cuadrilatero de Libros, Barcelona, 2012) (Spanish download here)

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Apr 29 2015 01:19

Documentary "Sí Se Puede" about evictions & resistance in Barcelona (video with English subtitles):