This is not a program

This is not a program

Translation of a text appearing in Tiqqun 2 in 2001. Available in the pdf below.

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Iron Column
Mar 9 2010 20:25


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Mar 9 2010 20:58

Like, where???

Mar 10 2010 01:46

It's so now.

Boris Badenov
Mar 10 2010 02:39

Every car set aflame is a refusal to organize, a blow against the temporality of the bureaucrats of revolt, a recognition of the radical being inherent in the articulation of becomings. To those who deride the singular joy in a c-clamped pushbar or a burning dumpster, we propose nothing less than to reject their homogenous totality, with every weapon at our disposal. It is necessary to commence without illusions; not to dream of new ways to make demands, but to make manifest the subterranean multiplicities in the heart of each moment of friendship. Our need to desire is less the construction of a concept than the elaboration of a state of exception.
Confronted with those who refuse to recognize themselves in our orgies of destruction, we offer neither sympathy nor criticism but only our contempt. The compulsive activism proposed to us is like a bad joke, and instead of laughter we respond with indifference. What's needed is not representation, and even far less banality, but a putting-into-practice of immanent rupture, a rejection in all forms of the structure of humanism. We must shatter all mobilization—absolutely.
In the articulation of encounters, we negate those who would have us give up the inoperative ecstasy of crisis for the misery of absence. This is a call to zones of indistinction which need no justification, not an insistence on normalization.