Online article tools

Online article tools

Links to helpful online tools for assisting with putting together articles and content for

  • LibreOffice Draw: Enables you to edit PDF files.
  • FWO Formatter: A tool for getting rid of excess of line breaks in your text.
  • HTML table generator: This handy page generates the HTML code for tables, so you don't have to.
  • Rotate PDF: Enables you to rotate PDF documents and save them in the same format.
  • Merge PDF: Enables you to merge multiple PDF documents into one.
  • Split PDF: Enables you to split PDF documents into multiple, smaller ones.
  • Compress PDF: Enables you to compress large PDF files into high-quality, much smaller file sizes so they can be uploaded.
  • 2epub: Enables you to turn text, doc and other files into e-book formats like mobi and epub.
  • Cute PDF editor: Advanced PDF editor allowing you to do many of the things in the above websites, with additional features like inserting additional pages, cropping and resizing pages.
  • Online HTML Editor: Enables you to simultaneously edit text and HTML. For example, if you see an article that you like, and want to post it on libcom, you can right-click on the webpage of the article and select view page source, copy the sections of the code that contain the article+its references, and paste it in the right-hand box of the HTML editor. Then edit it in the left-hand box, and as you edit it the HTML in the right-hand box will change. After you've finished editing it, copy the HTML code in the right-hand box and paste it in the libcom article 'Body' box. Underneath the 'Body' box, change the Input format to HTML no line breaks.

If there are any other tools which could help libcom contributors please post them below and we can incorporate them into this list!


klas batalo
Nov 8 2012 20:42

thanks! gonna be very useful!

Nov 8 2012 21:56

Wojtek, thought you might like the merge PDF one! If you fancied merging some of the PDFs of your library submissions that would be really cool, if you had time…

Nov 12 2012 10:54

On a related note, does anyone know a good online OCR tool? That would be something we could add in here

Jun 15 2013 17:51

The "more like this" is showing as Array. sad

Oct 3 2018 22:30

Cool. Not seen this before

jef costello
Oct 4 2018 06:14

The LibeOffice suite is pretty good and all of its programs can export files as pdfs.

We might need some epub tools now, I use calibre, but that's just for reading books on a kindle or a phone.


cutepdf I get an out of date Java warning, not sure if it still works.

FWOformatter and 2epub don't seem to be working any more either.