The problem with humanity in this historic moment is more than ever greed

The problem with humanity in this historic moment is more than ever greed

Short text from the Italian blog Barravento.

The problem with humanity in this historic moment is more than ever greed
In my opinion what we are witnessing is a form of pathological greed due to the dissatisfaction related to the lack of authenticity of both our desires and what is being offered to us as "pleasure". The fetish commodity will never have the taste and substance of freedom and creativity that would be the true fulfilling nourishment and bearer of sobriety and self-regulation: if you always know how to attain what you need (because you are free) you have no need to accumulate and stuff yourself.

But the psychosis of scarcity is one of the central factors of capitalism that justifies the attribution of an exchange value to anything.

And the price of this "natural push of the market towards profit " (and it might be worth it to properly understand the true nature of this "naturalness" of capitalism) is the constant monetization of life, fragmented and separated from itself, that has become an unacceptable component in the relationship between alienated people reduced into the roles of producers and consumers. So, in order to survive we must mutilate ourselves to bear living this commodity-spectacle pseudo-life.

Our true salary is the giving up of our most alive and authentic part which is very uncomfortable in modern life that for more than two centuries has imposed a social cage on each of us. Like in Huxley's " Brave New World", in which the soma provides pleasure in exchange for work and servitude, we'll be destined to search continuously an impossible satisfaction unless we do not break this false equilibrium in order to begin to finally build "that world in which lovers are at ease everywhere".

The darkness full of smells and faint sounds in contrast against the headlights that scavenge in order to check and "exploit" every meter of asphalt; The woods where it is possible to fall asleep among flights of butterflies instead of the motels smelling of disinfectant; empty pockets and a heart full of joy; no danger of betrayal in the name of money and its twin: the Fear of not having enough of it.

I mourn the greedy who do not know what good they are missing in life! But I condemn them because they keep us chained up to their misery, they keep us enslaved.

This is also the reason why I feel so shocked that someone could kill for money!

Translated from Italian and slightly modified and adapted by Văn Thuần Nguyễn and Ashton Roza

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Nov 20 2017 14:18


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