Solidarité: journal of the radical left #1 (July-August 2013)

Solidarité: journal of the radical left #1 (July-August 2013)

Solidarité is a radical project. It is a non-tendency anti-capitalist journal, self-published by workers and students, which focuses on leftist theory, politics, and philosophy. Solidarité accepts submissions from the general public, no previous academic work needed . Authors range from anarchists to Marxist-Leninists.

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Aug 13 2013 09:04

Hi, as hopefully you can see I have added a parent page for your journal here:

So to add future issues just go to this page and click "add child page". If you name the entries like you have this one they will automatically go in numerical order.

When you add new issues, please don't add tags to them as I have tagged the parent entry.

Also, on the main one I removed the bit from your description about encouraging engagement with "average working people" because it comes across as awfully patronising. I would get rid of it from all of your descriptions TBH.

Aug 16 2013 03:47

Thank you!

I agree, guess I wouldn't want to be thought of like that. Don't know how it slipped past us. Thanks for pointing it out!