Solidarity pamphlets

Solidarity pamphlets

List of pamphlets published by UK libertarian socialist group Solidarity and its local groups available on

Solidarity (London) pamphlets

Numbered series

1. Renault workers fight sackings
2. Belgium: the general strike
3. What next for engineers? - Ken Weller
4. By their words ye shall know them
5. Standard Triumph strike: the full facts
6. The meaning of socialism - Paul Cardan
7. The Workers' Opposition - Alexandra Kollontai
8. The BLSP dispute: the story of the strike - Ken Weller
10. The 100 versus the state - published jointly with the Independent Labour Party
11. Socialism or barbarism
12. Truth about Vauxhall - Ken Weller
13. Homeless! "Half-way house" tenants speak out
14. Resistance shall grow - published jointly with the Independent Labour Party, the Syndicalist Workers Federation and the London Federation of Anarchists
15. The RSGs: 1919-1963 - Nicolas Walter
16. Busmen, what next? - Brian Whitby, Fred Whelton, Ken Weller, Arthur Moyse and Bob Potter
17. Busmen in action
18. Students in revolt: the battle of Berkeley campus
19. The Labour government vs the dockers 1945-1951
21. KCC versus the homeless: the King Hill campaign - published jointly with Socialist Action
22. Mount Isa: the great Queensland strike - Bretta Carthey and Bob Potter
23. The crisis of modern society - Paul Cardan
24. From Bolshevism to the bureaucracy - Paul Cardan
25. The rape of Vietnam - Bob Potter
26. What happened at Fords - Ken Weller and Ernie Stanton
27. The Kronstadt commune - Ida Mett
28. The death of CND as performed by the Grosvenor Square demonstrators under the direction of themselves alone
29. Greek tragedy: the failure of the left - Bob Potter
30. Paris: May 1968
31. The great Flint sit-down strike against GM 1936-37 - Walter Linder
32. GMWU: scab union - Mark Fore
33. Authoritarian conditioning, sexual repression and the irrational in politics - Maurice Brinton
34. Socially-responsible scientists or soldier-technicians?
35. The Commune: Paris 1871 - P. Guillaume and M. Grainger
36. Sorting out the postal strike - Joe Jacobs
37. Strategy for industrial struggle - Mark Fore
38. History & revolution: a revolutionary critique of historical materialism - Cornelius Castoriadis
39. Under new management? The Fisher-Bendix occupation - Joe Jacobs
40. Workers' councils and the economics of self-managed society
41. As we don't see it
42. Ceylon: the JVP uprising of April 1971
43. Vietnam: whose victory? - Bob Potter
44. Redefining revolution - Cornelius Castoriadis
45. The Lordstown struggle and the real crisis in production - Ken Weller
46. Theses on the Chinese revolution - Cajo Brendel
47. Trade unionism or socialism: the revolt against work - John Zerzan
48. Women in the Spanish revolution - Liz Willis
49. On spontaneity and organisation - Murray Bookchin
50. A contribution to the critique of Marx - John Crump - published jointly with Social Revolution (London)
51. The New Movement - Henri Simon
52. Bureaucrats and women cleaners. The Durham Experience - Lynda Finn and Gavin Williams
53. On the buses - Penny Fair
54. History as creation - Cornelius Castoriadis
55. Czechoslovakia 1968: What socialism? What human face? - Petr Cerny
56. A fresh look at Lenin - Andy Brown

Discussion bulletins

1. History & revolution - Bob Potter and Maurice Brinton
A second look at Lenin
Self-management and the limits of recuperation

Other pamphlets

The socialist programme - Socialism Reaffirmed
Mutinies 1917-1920 - Dave Lamb - jointly published with Solidarity (Oxford)
LSE: a question of degree - Bob Dent - published on behalf of Bob Dent, n.b. not published as a Solidarity pamphlet.
An open letter to IS comrades - jointly published with Solidarity (Clydeside)
The lump: an heretical analysis - Dave Lamb

Solidarity (Aberdeen) pamphlets

Spartakism to National Bolshevism - the KPD 1918-24

Solidarity (Clydeside) pamphlets

Numbered series

1. The fate of Marxism - Paul Cardan
2. Revolutionary organisation - Maurice Brinton
3.Capitalism and consciousness

Other pamphlets

An open letter to IS comrades - jointly published with Solidarity (London)
Housing rents and the tenants struggle in Scotland - Tom Woolley

Solidarity (North West) pamphlets

Numbered series

2. Building workers pay deal

Other pamphlets

Mail-order millions - Paul Bolton

Solidarity (Oxford) pamphlets

Numbered series

2. Urban devastation: the planning of incarceration - James Finlayson

Other pamphlets

Mutinies 1917-1920 - Dave Lamb - jointly published with Solidarity (London)

Solidarity (Reading) pamphlets

Civil "defence" and direct action: make the most of your council meetings

Solidarity (Scotland) pamphlets

Numbered series

1. A way ahead for a new peace movement

Solidarity (South London) pamphlets

The 'Squatters'... Ilford - a report and critique

Solidarity (Swansea) pamphlets

4. The fight against unemployment

If you have copies of any of these pamphlets which we do not yet have online which you would be able to scan or donate to us to scan please contact us or let us know in the comments below. Some of these pamphlets we have purchased in order to digitise them. Please consider donating us a few pounds/dollars to enable us to continue putting more working class history online.

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Aug 5 2013 08:36


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Aug 29 2013 12:05
lurdan wrote:
Yes and no. That's just Maurice Brinton's contribution. There was also a short piece by Bob Pennington. This was an 'Agitator'/'New Generation' pamphlet (I think New Generation was the ILP's Young Socialist League paper). Unlike most early Solidarity pamphlets it had a photolitho cover with photographs - presumably the YSLs contribution.

Pennington was quite an interesting and flamboyant figure, later a leading member of the Mandelite IMG during the early 1970ies (one of the few authentic working-class people there), he was sidelined in the IMG after being banged up for some time for taking part in a traditional act of dockers' moral economy (which the bourgeois state labelled "embezzlement"): picking up stuff which "fell from a lorry"

Aug 29 2013 16:40

If the Cardan pamphlet 'History and revolution' is scanned into the library then it should be accompanied by the Discussion bulletin No 1 mentioned earlier which at least has the merit of pointing out Bob Potter's divergence with Solidarity's and Cardan's one-sided interpretation of Marx (even if it had some merit in relation to traditional marxist ideologies). As usual Brinton got the last say in the matter thus limiting the 'discussion' for the time being but various other dissident members from accross the UK were to take up the same themes later on.

I don't have a scanner but have a spare copy of the Discussion bulletin if anyone needs it later.

Aug 29 2013 17:18
Spikymike wrote:
I don't have a scanner but have a spare copy of the Discussion bulletin if anyone needs it later.

I've got a copy of it - I agree it should accompany the text it's discussing. I'll add it to my pile unless someone else wants to have a go.

I see that the longer article by Zerzan from
47 Trade Unionism or Socialism
is already in the library. I'll do the second article and the Solidarity introduction.

Going through my boxes I found a copy of a discussion paper titled "Revolutionary Politics and the Present Situation" from 1972 which seems to be by what had been Aberdeen Solidarity either after or as they left. Can anyone confirm if that's right . (And since I've never been entirely clear about their subsequent history can anyone give a brief chronology?).

Aug 29 2013 18:41

Lurdan, this is great, thanks! CND we just got a copy of so I will do that, but the rest of that stuff would be great!

I'm going to update this article above to add in the new stuff, some of which you have put on, probably sometime next week.

Cheers everyone!

Aug 31 2013 02:27

Added :

34. Socially-Responsible Scientists or Soldier-Technicians ?

Mail Order Millions Solidarity by Paul Bolton - Solidarity (North West) 1969

The 'Squatters'... Ilford - a report and critique - Solidarity (South London) 1969

to the library.

I've scanned and OCR'd 'The Meaning of Socialism' but I'm still working on it.

'The Squatters' lists no author but I found an advert for it in Solidarity (West London) which attributes it to Andy Anderson. Anyone know if this is correct or not ?

Sep 4 2013 23:01

Right, scan a bunch more pamphlets and added them all and lurdan's to this index. Lurdan thank you for your sterling work here!

Sep 5 2013 14:38

I've put the following into the library:

6. The Meaning Of Socialism by 'Paul Cardan' (1961)
47. Trade Unionism or Socialism. The revolt against work by John Zerzan (1976)
49. On Spontaneity and Organisation by Murray Bookchin (1975)

History and Revolution - Discussion Bulletin 1. Bob Potter and Maurice Brinton (1971)

Revolutionary Organisation by Maurice Brinton - Solidarity (Clydeside) pamphlet No. 2 (1969)
The fight against unemployment - Solidarity (Swansea) pamphlet No. 4 (1972)

For 'The Meaning of Socialism' I've added a number of the different Solidarity introductions and a short introductory note about what Solidarity did to the article.

'Trade Unionism or Socialism' is just the parts not already in the library.

As suggested I've left the tagging for someone else so that there is consistency.

I haven't put up PDF's for these duplicated pamphlets.

'14. Resistance Shall Grow' still has edits awaiting moderation - at the moment the footnotes aren't visible.

I should probably have indicated at the time that for '11. Socialism or Barbarism', which I put in the library last week, I added an introductory note about the text and a translation from 'Socialisme ou Barbarie' about the conference it was written for and the attempt at international coordination that came out of it.

I'll have a go at the (former) Aberdeen Solidarity text 'Revolutionary Politics and the Present Situation' but It will take a while as the duplication of the original was a little poor causing OCR issues.

Until it's clearer what is already being worked on that's my lot.

Sep 5 2013 22:33

That's brilliant, thanks!

Basically, there isn't anything else being worked on, other than History as creation, which Harrison said he would do at some point. I have one issue of Solidarity for full workers control, by Solidarity South London, then just a load of the journal Solidarity for workers' power. So I'm totally done with the pamphlets that I had.

The tags are straightforward: if you just put the word "solidarity" in the authors/groups box that does it.

I have also given you permissions to approve your own edits to help save time. If you come to the anarchist bookfair, or our 10th birthday party we'll get you some drinks!

Sep 6 2013 00:26

Cheers. OK. I'll put

43. Vietnam : Whose Victory? by Bob Potter
37. Strategy for Industrial Struggle by Mark Fore

on my to do list. Will be a while however. If anyone else wants to do them...

I have some others Not entirely sure I fancy the mountain of unscanned Cardan though smile

I have various issues of the non-London Solidarity journals.
South London 1, 2, 4, 8
West London 2
Swansea vol 1 no 3, vol 2 nos 1 and 2
North West vol 1 nos 1-3 and vol 2 no 1
Scotland 1
Aberdeen 3 and 4 (I think 3 is here already)
Philadelphia 2, 6, 9/10

My run of Solidarity for Workers Power itself is very incomplete. but I may have fills.
(In the run of Solidarity for Workers Power are you including the issues of the printed 'national group' paper from just before the merger with Social Revolution.(as distinct from Solidarity for Social Revolution) ? If not I have four of them)

paul r
Jan 21 2014 00:51

I have the Oxford Solidarity pamphlet, "Urban Devastation" scanned as a PDF file of approx 15 MB.

How can I upload this file?

Does it have to be converted into another file format. If so, which one, and how?

I would appreciate advice on this.

paul r.

Jan 21 2014 09:32
paul r wrote:
I have the Oxford Solidarity pamphlet, "Urban Devastation" scanned as a PDF file of approx 15 MB.

How can I upload this file?

Does it have to be converted into another file format. If so, which one, and how?

I would appreciate advice on this.

paul r.

Paul, that's brilliant, thanks!

Just click "submit content" then "library", then fill in the relevant boxes (image, title, intro etc) and upload the PDF to the File attachments section. Cheers!

paul r
Feb 4 2014 01:32

Have just posted pdf file of Solidarity (Oxford) pamphlet no. 2:

Urban Devastation: The Planning of Incarceration

Unfortunately, I forgot to record the fact that this is Solidarity (Oxford) pamphlet no. 2

Thanks to friend and comrade Phil R. for the scanning.


Feb 4 2014 23:33

Many thanks to you and Phil, that's really great!

Feb 17 2014 12:56

So, looks like we've done really well here. All we have missing out from the pamphlets are:

51. The new movement - Henri Simon

Does anyone have these? We would really love to complete this collection.

Feb 26 2014 03:27

I've scanned 'The New Movement' - should be up later this week.

Nov 28 2014 14:26

„As we see it“ and „As we don’t see it“ in a revised German edition

Nov 28 2014 21:07

Some of the best revolutionary socialist lit evha