Student struggle and assemblies of neighbourhoods

Student struggle and assemblies of neighbourhoods

Reflections on the Quebec student strike and neighborhood assemblies movement in 2012 by the Internationalist Communists - Klasbatalo of Montreal.

Table of contents

Spring 2012 student movement

- An international economic crisis, drastic austerity measures worldwide ... and rising tuition
- The struggle against tuition fees is part of the struggle against capitalist attacks on our living
- Student unionism
- The student movement isolates itself and is isolated from the labor movement
- Social strike radical students and minorities
- The question of violence
- The beginning of the end: the elections mark the end of the movement and its defeat through
extensive student participation in those elections
- The summit on education and continuation of austerity measures

Autonomous Popular Assemblies of the neighbourhoods: our intervention in the APAQs

- ’Democracy’ gives birth to Bill 78
- The manifestations casseroles movement: the working class and the middle class in
solidarity with the student movement
- Democratic illusions and the civic “manifestations casseroles
- The casseroles seem to want to give themselves a political extension: creation of the APAQs
- The APAQs supported the student movement, but were also put in tow
- Autonomy according to the APAQs
- Struggles of tendancies: localism and anarchist individualism disrupt the APAQs
- The end of the wave of struggle, the drift to self-management


General strike or electoral circus
The organisation of the proletariat outside periods of open struggle (workers' groups, nuclei,
circles, committees)

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