Tiqqun 1: Conscious Organ of The Imaginary Party

Tiqqun 1: Conscious Organ of The Imaginary Party

This is a faithful reproduction, in English, of the original release of Tiqqun #1. The producers went to great lengths to follow the line set out in the French, including photographs of graffiti in English where there was graffiti in French.

1. Of Course You Know, This Means War!
2. What Is Critical Metaphysics?
3. Theory of Bloom
4. Phenomenology of Everyday Life
5. Theses on the Imaginary Party
6. Silence and Beyond
7. On the Economy Considered as Black Magic: A Metaphysical Critique
8. Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the YoungGirl
9. Machine-Men: User's Guide
10. The Critical-Metaphysicians Beneath the "Unemployed Persons' Movement"
11. A Few Scandalous Exploits of the Imaginary Party

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The file won't download, because of the spaces in filename.

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I replaced the spaces with underscores and it still doesn't work. Might need to be re-uploaded.

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jef costello
Jul 1 2019 06:26

It works, so do the links on this page, thanks.