Towards a Synthesis of Our Positions - Communism #3

We are publishing here a first attempt to summarize our fundamental positions. We want to insist on the danger of using this text as if it were a new bible, as a formal and eternal reference. We consider this text as a photograph taken at a certain level of experience of our group, knowing that we'll produce other materials, other texts which will be at quite different levels of abstraction and concretisation.

The I.C.G. bases its principal positions on the historical experiences of the workers' movement:

The historical arch that relies primitive communism to integral communism constitutes the whole cycle from which revolutionary marxism draws the process that gives birth to the material conditions required for the establishment of the world-wide human community. This society will not be the end of history, but the beginning of the conscious history of the human species through the abolition of classes, private property, labour, state, exploitation, family...

Capitalism differs from all previous modes of production by its universal nature and by the simplification (exacerbation) of class contradictions. Capitalism at the same time creates the conditions for Communism and the force that will impose it: the proletariat, the only class in human history to be exploited and revolutionary.

The limit of Capital is Capital itself! Its development necessarily implies the development of its contradictions (proletariat/bourgeoisie, valorization/devalorization, productive forces/relations of productions,...) and it determines, constitutes and develops the social force whose historical mission it is to destroy the capitalist system: the proletariat organized and constituted as communist party.

Through the revolutionary dictatorship, through the constitution of the world-wide proletarian State (semi-state), the working class organises the destruction of any state and the abolition of social classes by crushing, through red terror openly claimed and applied, all attempts aiming at the restoration of the terrorist dictatorship of the value. To bourgeois terror and terrorism, the proletariat opposes the revolutionary terror.

The proletariat is historically forced and determined to organize itself as a class fighting consciously for the realization of the communist programme. This is its tendency to constitute itself into one conscious force, into the world-wide party, centralizing the most determined and the most radical fractions of the proletariat.

From these fundamental programmatical aspects, checked by the experiences of revolution and counter-revolution, derive a series of historical lessons that are valid yesterday, today as tomorrow!

Democracy cannot be reduced to a simple form (parliamentary, fascist, socialist,...) of capitalist domination. Democracy -force of atomization - affirms itself morre and more as the very substance of capitalist dictatorship. Its development is directly linked to the development of commodity-production; therefore the victory of communism implies the destruction of democracy (including "workers' democracy") as the way of life of Capital.

The so-called socialist countries, blocs (Russia, China, Cuba,...) are capitalist states where the dominant ideology only adds some "marxist" expressions so as to hide their bourgeois character. Where there is wage labour, there is Capital!

To protect itself from revolutionary assaults, the bourgeoisie has always developed social-democratic and other left fractions to serve as a rampart of the bourgeois state. The currents that support (in a critical way or not) any of today's existing states (trotskyism, maoism, third-world movements, anarchism,...) are just radicalised forms of bourgeois socialism. The proletariat considers these pseudo-workers' parties as the hitsquads of the radical fractions of the bourgeoisie.

The communist movement characterises itself by its permanent opposition to the bourgeois state, to all bourgeois parties (all of them, whether they are legal or illegal, left or right). Against parliamentarism and elections, it opposes communist abstentionism.

During the struggle, workers' associationism opposes itself to all the organs of the capitalist state. The proletariat organizes itself outside and against parliaments, unions, armies,... Structures maintaining social peace don't have to be reformed, they must be destroyed!

The aim of the proletarian struggle is the generalization of the insurrection to the whole planet, is the world-wide dictatorship of the proletariat constituted into a party, is the social revolution affirming itself with the generalized despotism of human needs against Capital and all its laws of existence.

Communism, as a movement opposes and excludes from its very origins the country, the nation, the national struggle, as well as all class collaboration. Against imperialist peace and war (=social peace) it opposes revolutionary defeatism (=social war).

The communist direction, an historical (and non-immediate) product of the proletariat, has no interests opposed to the rest of the class. Communists only distinguish themselves by their actions in which they show themselves as the most determined elements and in which they always put forward the interests of the whole working class. They are the most consequent organized force in front of the necessity for the communist movement to give itself a real direction and a single and world-wide centralization. In other words, the party is the "prefiguration" of the human world-wide community.

As a communist organization, the I.C.G. acts in a conscious, voluntary and organized way to direct this process and bring it to its term.

That's why today it works for :

the elaboration, the defence and the propagation of the revolutionary programme;

the centralization of all militants, sympathizers, contacts,... who tend to organize themselves on the basis of the communist programme;

the organization of workers' nucleus on revolutionary basis;

the organization of struggles in the interests of the proletariat, always defending the historical and world-wide interests of the proletariat, its internationalist character, its uncompromising opposition to any (even the most radical) capitalist reforms.

Death to labour!

Dictatorship of the proletariat for the abolition of wage labour!

International communism!

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