TV Times - 1 - 7 March 2008

TV  Times - 1 - 7 March 2008

This week's pick is a documentary which attempts to highlight the disenfranchisment felt by the UK's white working class.

Other topics include civil rights and abortion debates in the US, the affect of climate change on Bangladeshis and the experiences of call centre workers.

Tuesday 4 March - 7 - 7.30pm - BBC2 - This World - Deep South Divide
Eighteen months ago in the town of Jena, Louisiana, two nooses were strung up on a schoolyard tree - seen as a deliberate act of provocation by three white students against their black colleagues. Since then, Jena has become the focus of a new civil rights debate and this documentary explores how the community has been effected by these events.

Tuesday 4 March - 10pm - 1.10am - More4 - Lake of Fire
This lengthy True Stories documentary is collated from footage gathered over a 17-year period on the battle over abortion in the United States. A range of views from both sides of the debate are heard, varying in coherence, commitment and passion. Director Tony Kaye, who directed American History X, manages to maintain focus on the issue without allowing it to be clouded by extremism. This programme is followed immediately after by a repeat of the recent Dispatches edition on the abortion issues in the UK.

Thursday 6 March - 9 - 10pm - Channel 4 - Phone Rage
Phoning a call centre is a source of everyday stress; it is estimated that modern Britons waste
up to a year of their lives being placed on hold. This Cutting Edge documentary, however, focuses mainly on call centres from the point of view of the employees, looking at issues of training, what they have to deal with and how excited the new recruits at a South African centre are about their jobs.

Friday 7 March - 7.35 - 8pm - Channel 4 - Unreported World - Bangladesh - the Drowning Country
Whilst developed nations ponder the future impact of climate change, Bangladesh, one of the world's poorest countries, already is on the front line. Reporter Ramita Naval visits some of the areas worst hit by last November's cyclones. She discovers the consequences of rising sea levels, and increasingly severe flooding, with dispossession, poverty and starvation rife amongst Bangladeshis unfortunate enough to live near the country's 700 plus waterways.

Pick of the Week red n black star
Friday 7 March - 9 - 10.30pm - BBC2 - Last Orders
Launching BBC2's White Season, which explores issues facing Britain's white working class, this documentary focuses on the Wibsey Working Men's Club in Bradford. The club is struggling to survive, and members' worries for their beloved institution reflect wider concerns about the community, where high unemployment, immigration and the smoking ban instil the sense that theirs is a world under threat.

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