TV Times - 16 - 22 August 2008

TV Times - 16 - 22 August 2008

This week's highlight is Richard Dawkins heated attempt to convince religious opponents of the fact of evolution and of the need for science teachers to be unafraid to assert such to their pupils.

In a week of varied political programming, other topics explored include the NHS "postcode lottery", Solzhenitsyn's exile from Russia and return and why so many people die alone.

Sunday 17 August - 7 - 8.00pm - Channel 4 - Make Me A Christian - 2/3
In this second edition a committed virgin is introduced to the group, in a bid to encourage them to refrain from "fornication" outside marriage. The volunteers also take part in an outdoor retreat in which poor weather conditions increase tensions within the group.

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Monday 18 August - 8 - 9pm - Channel 4 - The Genius of Charles Darwin - 3/3
In this final instalment, Dawkins tackles head-on the schism between religious and scientific "theories" of evolution and creation. Unsurprisingly he makes no headway with creationist opponents; John Mackay, for example produces the staggering soundbite: "You don't die because you get old; you die because you're a sinner." Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams, however, proves a more challenging yet more convivial opponent. Dawkins also politely but furiously challenges a group of science teachers who are reluctant to assert the primacy of their views in case they are charged with religious discrimination or, worse, considered to be in receipt of views which, however indirectly, are held to be promulgating racist tensions.

Monday 18 August - 8.30 - 9pm - BBC1 - Panorama - The NHS Postcode Lottery: It Could Be You
This week the team take a timely look at discrepancies within the UK for the allocation of NHS medical treatment.

Monday 18 August - BBC2 - 11.20pm - 12.55am
The Homecoming - Alexander Solzhenitsyn's Return to Russia

In a tribute to the author whose recent passing has led to some heated debate on this site, BBC2 is repeating this documentary made to chronicle his two-month train journey made across Russia as he returned to his homeland following 20 years of exile in the US for promulgating political views critical of the old communist regime.

Wednesday 20 August - BBC2 - 9 - 10pm - House of Saddam - 4/4
The final part of the story commences in 2003; as Western coalition forces invade Iraq, Saddam goes on the run with three bodyguards. Other family members seek refuge in Baghdad but disloyalty leads to their discovery. The series ends as it begins before the flashbacks commence, with George Bush announcing to the Iraqi people that their ruling tyrant has been driven out and that (ironically) "there will be no more torture chambers" in their country.

Friday 22 August - Channel 4 - 7.35 - 8pm - Watch Me Disappear
Shown as part of the "Generation Next" strand in this directorial debut of Lucy Cohen, "First Cut" here presents a poignant yet understated exploration of how some 200 people a month die yet not one mourner attends their funeral. There are no easy answers provided as to why so many people die alone in modern society but the portrayal of this is well-executed.

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