TV Times - 31 May - 6 June 2008

McGuinness (right), with Ian Paisley

This week's pick takes the form of a programme that revisits a 1985 BBC documentary deemed to be one of the most controversial ever screened in which an instigator of Irish terrorism was portrayed as a normal family man.

Other highlights tells the stories of Indian sweatshop conditions, a British Nazi prince, corruption in international sport, and the profits reaped in tough financial times by bailiffs and their ken.

Sunday 1 June - 9 - 10.40pm - Channel 4 - The Devil Wears Primark
Presented by former fashion model Alexa Chung, this documentary uncovers some of the appalling conditions suffered by the workers in the Indian factories that supply some of the UK's leading budget clothing retailers. She then sets up her own fashion "sweatshop" in London's West End.

Monday 2 June - 8 - 9pm - Channel 4 - Hitler's Favourite Royal
This documentary tells the little told story of the British prince who became a convicted Nazi. Prince Charles Edward may have been Queen Victoria's youngest grandchild but he was required to take up a dukedom in Germany. Finding himself subsequently disillusioned with both Britain and Germany, he then became a supporter of the emergent Nazi Party. Interviews with his family tell his life story.

Monday 2 June - 9 - 10pm - BBC4 - Not Cricket: Hansie Cronje
The deleterious effects of capitalism on international sport feature in the first of two documentaries tonight made by the same team of film-makers. This first is a profile of the South African cricketer who fell from grace after taking bribes to fix the outcome of international matches.

Monday 2 June - 10 - 11.40pm - BBC4 - Not Cricket: The Basil D'Oliveira Conspiracy
The second documentary tells the story of how South Africa was forced into sporting isolation over apartheid. It does so by telling the personal tale of how the brilliant South African- born cricketer was excluded from the English team's tour of his homeland in 1968.

Pick of the Week red n black star
Tuesday 3 June - 9 - 10pm - BBC4 - Real Lives: At the Edge of the Union
Shown as part of BBC4's "What Happened Next?" strand in which participants from previous ground-breaking documentaries are tracked down and re-interviewed, this documentary is widely regarded as being one of the most controversial ever shown by the BBC. Made in 1985 and on the subject matter of Irish politics, this film was decried for portraying Martin McGuinness - allegedly the IRA's Chief of Staff - as a pleasant and amenable family man. In this follow-up, he is re-interviewed as is rival Loyalist Gregory Campbell.

Friday 6 June - 7 - 7.30pm - BBC2 - The Profits of Gloom
This edition of the new season of "The Money Programme" looks at how bailiffs, pawnbrokers and business liquidators are reaping enormous profits in the wake of the credit crunch and other current negative economic conditions.

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