The Unwanted Children of Capital

The Unwanted Children of Capital

Drawing connections between the state, the church, left and right wing politicians, and including a list of actions against detention centers in multiple areas in europe (but emphasizing Italy), this is a snapshot of recent events as well as an analysis of the treatment of immigrants in Europe.

To the immigrants
The borders of democracy
For those who didn't run for cover
Collusion between the Church, the State, and the Mafia
The struggle against Regina Pacis Solidarity actions and events
Revolts in Turin, Milan, and Bologna
Destroy borders! Destroy slavery!
Destroy and borders and prisons!
Belgium: solidarity against all borders
Greece: Hands off the immigrants!

"We do not want immgrant detention centres to be more human and respectful of rights and laws. We want them to be razed to the ground, and that’s that."

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