Was My Friend a Spycop?

Was My Friend a Spycop?

The Undercover Research Group's guide to investigating suspicions and trying to find out if a comrade was an undercover police officer.

In this 24-page booklet, we have brought together the lessons we have learned to help you do your own investigation.

It covers how to start investigating and the sorts of questions that need answering. Equally importantly, we discuss how to support each other or deal with situations which are inconclusive. It takes you through the process step by step, so even if you have already started your own investigation there is help with what to do once you have come to a conclusion.

You can download a copy of Was My Friend a Spycop. It’s free, but we invite you to make a donation or become a regular supporter of our work.

Thanks to the numerous people who commented and strengthened the booklet, Carrie for her artwork and Footprint for printing.

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R Totale
Nov 30 2020 13:07


  • As we constantly tell people, it is not enough to have suspicions—suspicions alone never justify spreading rumours or making public statements about individuals. If you have well-founded suspicions then the onus is on you to investigate first and then to provide solid evidence.

    Undercover Research Group

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Nov 30 2020 18:37

Thanks for posting this R Totale!