What is Antifa Belfast?

What is Antifa Belfast?

An introduction to Antifa Belfast.

Antifa Belfast was set up in the wake of the attacks in summer 2009 on Roma people in our city. Antifa Belfast aims to physically and ideologically oppose fascism and racism. Groups such as the BNP cannot be allowed room to organise nor can they be allowed the scope to present themselves as a ‘radical’ alternative.

Membership of Antifa Belfast is on an individual basis. We are not a front for any political organisation or party but we are libertarian in organisation and based on a class analysis.

We need a working class alternative that is opposed to fascism, capitalism and the state.

If you would like to help us, get in touch at the email address below:

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Fair enough but why is it that anitfa shouldn't be tagged 'anti-fascism'?
i know you're mentally anal but why remove that tag?
This isn't an article about fascism, it's a brief introduction to an anti-fascist group.

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Unless you want to contuine looking like an anal oddball, how about using the 20 seconds it takes to fuck around with someones article to delete said tags?

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