Who We Are - Solidarity & Defense

Who We Are - Solidarity & Defense

A group description by Solidarity & Defense, an anti-authoritarian group based in Detroit and Lansing that existed from 2008-2011.

We are a small but growing alliance of anti-authoritarian militants active in both the workplace and the community. We champion grassroots organizing, participatory politics, and determined action from below. The histories of social struggle and revolutionary action have led us to see that the masses of everyday people – at the base, from the ranks – are the agents of real and popular social change and liberation.

In our lifetimes we have seen inequality grow exponentially. While the majority move downward, a fewer number of elites hold an ever-growing proportion of the wealth of society. At the same time popular culture is more obsessed with materialism and the open promotion of misogyny, anti-immigrant sentiment, homophobia, and racism. The youth are encouraged to get rich or die trying. We end up tearing at each other for an ever-diminishing number of crumbs thrown our way by our politicians, bureaucrats, and bosses. Meanwhile we face a continuous assault from the ruling classes in the forms of global war and the expansion of capitalism into every corner of our lives.

As these ruling classes forge ahead we suffer cut backs, sellouts, and abandonment of our urban and rural communities. The results are a deepening economic, environmental, and social crisis. We must resist these attacks and their effects through mass and popular direct action. This direct action is based on our initiatives outside of and against the rule of the State.

A voice against the dog eat dog world is essential. The movements necessary for this must be built on solidarity within the working classes and with those social struggles fighting for justice and dignity. We must build the capacity for our movements to defend the remaining gains made by the struggles of past generations, while continuing to expand our base by pushing forward the ides of self-reliance and a confidence in ourselves.

There is a culture of resistance growing and taking shape. With each fight there are lessons for our movements to learn from. As we struggle, we improve our ability to combat the rulers, and create the visions of community renewal and human potential. We are Solidarity and Defense.

adopted by the General Membership of S&D, September 13th, 2008

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