Xtra! #6 1980

Xtra! #6 1980

Issue 6 of Xtra!

Contents include: Resistance: Why The Struggle Has Already Started, Fire at Alexandra Palace (plus council corruption), fare dodging, gay pride, Boredom Weighting (satire of pay scales), tips on bewildering bank cashiers, Aberdeen anarchists disrupt official May Day celebrations, Oxford Anarchist Conference report, A Distribution set up, Women in Prison, small press reviews, contacts, back page poster/comic.

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Jul 23 2020 20:34

Thanks to the comrade who donated the full scan of this issue, which has now been added.

R Totale
Jul 24 2020 16:01

On a minor historical/language note, interesting to see "SWerf" used as a term of hostility for SWPers (I think) in this. When I was young, PC meant police constable etc etc.