5th London Free School Weekender

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Feb 18 2010 18:44
5th London Free School Weekender

5th-7th March 2010

195 Mare St E8 3QE.
Accessibility: The event will happen on the ground floor. There are few steps at the front door but there will be a ramp. Toilets are not very wheelchair friendly. People will be here to help as much as they can. Let us know if you have particular needs
Creche: there will be a kids space. Let us know your needs

// Classes of all sorts will be held throughout each day on a wide variety of skills and subjects, ranging from practical stuff like welding and cooking to other useful things like languages, philosophy, making your own radio show, do it yourself health care...
// All classes will be led by people want to share whatever skills and knowledge they have with others.
// The ideas behind the FreeSchool are based around respect and equality. All people who attend will be encouraged to challenge any discrimination they see or experience such as racism, sexism, homophobia, classism...
This FreeSchool is also seeking to explore issues around gender in learning and in other parts of our lives.

// Let's have a Free School //

*To join our infoline text 'freeschool' to 07905774037*
*email: londonfreeschool at // website*

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