9 months prison sentence for SI Cobas unionist

Simone Carpeggiani

BREAKING - 9 months prison sentence against union coordinator for Bologna Simone Carpeggiani.

He was sentenced because of his parteciopation in a 2014 picket where workers fought for implementation of collective agreement at Mirror Levigature near Ferrara. At the time, the picket was attacked by street fascists and militants of rightwing party Lega Nord.
This is the newest chapter in the current wave of repression against striking workers who are organized in SI Cobas base union and SI Cobas union activists.
Two others, Carlo and Arafat, have been under house arrestes in Piacenza for 2 weeks.
More information here: https://en.labournet.tv/repression-against-striking-workers-italy

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Johanna Schellhagen
Mar 24 2021 13:46


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R Totale
Mar 24 2021 14:20

Is there any information about how we can support Simone?