Autonomous Workers Union statement on Russian intervention

Autonomous Workers Union statement on Russian intervention

Statement on the Russian military action in Ukraine from Ukrainian revolutionary syndicalists.

On February 27, 2014, pro-Russian chauvinists of Crimea, supported by Berkut riot police and Russian Black Sea Fleet committed military coup in Crimea. Right now it’s already obvious that the government of “Russian Unity” movement headed by Aksionov is no more than a puppet of the Kremlin regime.

We don’t regard Ukraine’s territorial integrity and inviolability of its borders as a value, we are against violent “pacification” of Crimea, but we think that the status of Crimea should be defined with due regard to the opinion of the Crimean Tatar minority.

The latest events show that Putin is not going to limit himself with the annexation of Crimea. The aim of the imperialist Kremlin regime is to expand the Russian practices on all territory of Ukraine.

Thereby the Russian regime proved to be the main threat to the interests of the proletariat at the post-Soviet area.

We are opponents of war and militarism. But we think that in this situation conscious proletarians can rely on nobody but themselves.

There’s no point in waiting for “rescue” from Nato. Ukrainian nationalist politicians can only organize defense of a part of territory at best. The war can be averted only if proletarians of all countries, first and foremost Ukrainian and Russian, together make a stand against the criminal regime of Putin.

Joint action by the Ukrainian and Russian proletariat and all progressive democratic forces which will put an end to Putin’s regime, will also mean an end to the current neoliberal-oriented nationalist regime in Ukraine.

While for the leftists and anarchists of the West it’s high time to cut ties with the so-called “anti-imperialism” which comes down to the support of the Putin’s regime against the US.

No war between nations, no peace between classes!


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Red Marriott
Mar 2 2014 15:35


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Mar 24 2014 15:37


Can anyone please put me in contact with the AWU? My name is Nathan, and I'm an anarchist in America. Americans are besieged by propaganda surrounding Ukraine, from both the Western and Eastern right-wing. I've secured an hour-long segment on "Coffee Party Radio" (almost 500,000 mostly-liberal American listeners) for the evening (in Ukraine) of March 30, 2014. I would like to invite anarchists in Ukraine who can address an English-speaking audience regarding the current situation, so as to give workers in America a better understanding of what's really happening.


Mar 24 2014 16:59

Here's a Canadian interview with a member of the AWU: (March 5 episode).

Mar 24 2014 17:30

Thanks! I'll try to contact them too.

Petropavlovsk Rebels
Mar 25 2014 00:48

You could try contacting them through their Twitter account: @avtonomia_net