A Call of Unity to the Working Class of Chicago and the Mid-West

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May 7 2010 13:56
A Call of Unity to the Working Class of Chicago and the Mid-West

It's that time of year again, near the first of May where nearly in all corners of the globe there is a strong history of working class struggles and labor movements. From the Haymarket Martyrs in Chicago to Pakistan where 'seminars and events are conducted' to help educate workers on how to help improve working conditions along with organized rallies and marches.

In fact, it has now expanded to not simply being a day to honor and promote class struggle - but many other struggles related to the working class and the conditions the workers of the world face. So much so that on the first of May in 2010 at least 70 cities in the United States organized marches, rallies, and protests in the defense of the democratic rights of illegal immigrants and Latin Americans, mainly against the new Arizona law proposed to discriminate against Hispanics and immigrants.

In Chicago, illegal immigrants, their supporters, and all opposed to the anti-immigrant Arizona law were joined along with persons of Irish, Polish, African-American, and Middle Eastern descent along with the Wobblies, anarcho-syndicalists, the Socialist Equality Party, anarchists, Maoists, and even the Green Party to show their anger and opposition to anti-democratic laws against the workers of the United States and the world.

Also attending the marches were members of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws and pro-legalization activists. Around the same time as the immigration rallies were happening, there were also marches and protests for the reform of marijuana laws and calls for an end to the drug war - organized and promoted mainly by NORML. The Chicago Marijuana March has even been rescheduled to the eighth of May in order to work around the immigration rallies attended by thousands.

So it must be realized and acknowledged, that the struggles of a minority of workers, in this case be they illegal immigrants or cannabis patients, are struggles for all the workers of the world and the entire working class as a whole. We must organize and fight for the rights of all undocumented workers and illegal immigrants, to have the democratic rights they deserve, to live and work where they choose, and if they choose to use cannabis for recreational or medical purposes then we must also fight for them and with them!

This serves also as a call, to Mid-Westerners, Chicagoans, supporters of reform for marijuana laws, legalization activists of all sorts, anarchists and socialists alike, to fight for the common worker's cause of the right to choose how one self-heals. I speak of course of our inalienable right to smoke marijuana, to consume it any safe way we choose for our health or otherwise.

The drug war is completely unnecessary, proven not to work, - and strikingly similar when juxtaposed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan - a war the government of the United States has no business being in, costing the lives of thousands of Americans either by death, incarceration or economic debt. Abolition of the drug war, not prohibition!

Scientifically and historically, it's been proven that prohibition does not work, the government has tried it before and failed dramatically during the thirties so much so that it gave rise to gangsters like Al Capone - once again contributing to the deaths of many people.

To all those who oppose the 'war on drugs' and the crimes committed by the United States government to innocent civilians. To anybody and everybody who opposes unnecessary exploitation, oppression and ignorance - we call on you to fight with us on May 8th! Bring your friends, be they socialist or otherwise - this is a cause for the working class!

"May 8, 2010 Global Cannabis March- Federal Plaza (Dearborn between Jackson and Adams) Chicago Noon-6PM"

This isn't simply about the (il)legality of a recreational drug, but about marijuana prohibition and all cannabis patients who need their medicine. Join us to fight for our rights to medicine and recreation! Join the Facebook group for more information and to invite more comrades: