Canada: bank workers strike over pay

Strikers at TD Canada Trust 2007

62 workers at CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) in Sudbury went on strike today.

Workers voted in favour of action by only 52% although pickets were out and observance was high. Picketers attributed the close vote to the time of year. Only one of the five branches in Sudbury was open with managers running a scab service.

The main dispute is over pay and the pension schemes with workers feeling that their increased responsibilities should be recompensed. Workers are also demanding a fairer salary scheme. Workers had voted 90% in favour of strikes if the negotiations failed.

Workers from the same local (USWA 2020) at TD Canada Trust, another bank in Sudbury struck for five weeks last year. Eventually winning a salary increase but not managing to get rid of performance related pay.

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jef costello
Jan 14 2008 22:44


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