Updates on the Dec 3 Guangzhou-Foshan labor NGO repression

Updates on the Dec 3 Guangzhou-Foshan labor NGO repression

Updates as of Dec 9 on the situation of detained Chinese labor activists from the Dec 3 wave of arrests. Lawyers continued to be denied access to activists, charges updated.

Translation by “Solidarity with Chinese Workers” from 《12.3广佛两地劳工NGO被打压事件 - 截至12月9日為止 》.

For updates and solidarity actions, follow the Facebook page "Free Chinese labour activists now 馬上釋放中國勞權人士". A petition has finally come out here. For more information, see other writings and translations compiled on Libcom under the tag "Solidarity with Chinese Workers."


曾飞洋、邓小明 Zeng Feiyang, Deng Xiaoming
The morning of Dec 9, Zeng and Deng’s defense lawyers went to the Guangzhou No. 1 Detention Center to demand a meeting with the detained. The detention center denied the request on the grounds that the detained are suspected of “endangering national security.” Zeng and Deng were charged with “inciting crowds to disrupt public order,” which is not even in the category of crimes endangering national security. The Guangzhou No. 1 Detention Center’s behavior is illegal. The defense lawyers are currently submitting a complaint to the area public procurator.

何晓波 He Xiaobo
The morning of December 9, He Xiaobo’s wife was once again harassed by Domestic Security (国内安全保卫, sometimes referred to as China’s version of the FBI), who said that a few officials at the Foshan Municipal Public Security Bureau would come to her home to visit her. At around 10am, two officials from the Foshan Public Security Bureau forced their way into Yang Min’s (He’s wife) home and warned her she was not allowed to send out any messages, including any information about their visit. They warned Yang “if the messages went out the consequences would be severe.” Yang responded: “What else can you do? You’re going to apprehend me too?” They responded: “Glad you understand.”

朱小梅 Zhu Xiaomei
On December 7, the Guangzhou No. 1 Detention Center rejected Zhu’s lawyer’s request to see her on the grounds that they needed a waiver from the responsible Public Security Bureau. The lawyer accordingly requested the document from the Public Security Bureau, only to have the Bureau pass the buck. After several setbacks, the police finally agreed to the visit. At 2pm on December 8, Zhu’s lawyer once again went to the detention center to see her, but once again was refused. The police claimed they needed to discuss for ten minutes, but at the time the detention center closed, Zhu’s lawyer had still not been allowed to see her.

Timeline of Dec 3 Guangzhou-Foshan Labor NGO Repression
December 3, 2015, staff of several labor NGO in Guangdong’s Guangzhou and Foshan as well as workers who were served by them were apprehended by the police. At least 25 people were apprehended. These included Foshan Nanfeiyan Social Work Service Center director He Xiaobo, and Panyu Dagongzu Service Center director Zeng Feiyang and staff Zhu Xiaomei, Haige Labor Service Center staff Chen Huihai, and Sunflower Women Worker Service Center Luo Hongmei.

On December 4, He Xiaobo, Zeng Feiyang, Zhu Xiaomei were officially criminally detained. He was charged with “suspicion of embezzlement,” while Zeng and Zhu were charged with “suspicion of inciting crowds to disrupt public order.” Their notices of criminal detention specified they were being held at the Foshan Nanhai District Detention Center and the Guangzhou No. 1 Detention Center.

On December 7, one more person was added to the number criminally detained—Deng Xiaoming of the Haige Labor Service Center’s criminal detention was confirmed. He is being held at the Guangzhou No. 1 Detention Center.

At present, Luo Hongmei and Chen Huihai have made it safely home. Tang Jian and Meng Han remain out of contact.

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