December 9th day of action against cuts and fees

Middlesex University.

Tens of thousands of school and university students will walk out of class again today another national day of action against cuts and tuition fees.

Protests have seen demonstrations across the country with occupations at universities, council buildings and political party offices across the UK. More action is predicted to happen as a result of today's day of action.

Reports of police violence and attempted 'kettling' are not expected to put off protesters. Students will likely be joined by others also affected by the austerity measures such as members of the RMT, who are thought to be having a block on the student demonstration on Parliament.

We will update this page regularly as the day develops. Please post local reports in the comments below.

- The day of action on the 9th has had a long run up, with several universities such as Leeds and UCL going into their second or third week of occupation, and new occupations starting at several universities including Goldsmiths. This was also the first time that schools began occupations, with a 24 hour sit-in/teach-in at Camden School for Girls, and another one at Acland Burghley in Camden - mixed reports about what actually happened since the school was apparently closed for the afternoon, but occupiers went in anyway. We have an unconfirmed report of a sit-in at Stoke Newington school, Londonist reported that Islington Sixth Form college was closed all day Wednesday after management heard about student plans for an occupation in advance.

- 12:20pm Several thousand congregating around ULU and Trafalgar Square. Over 1,000 police on duty. 'Rolling kettle forming at ULU, 70 TSG in front' According to @ucloccupation

- 12:30pm Debate starts in parliament, early day motions all ignored by the speaker, so the vote is on in about 5 hours. Hopefully the almost inevitable yes vote may be just the start of the anti cuts movement.

- 12:35pm @directreaction: Police try to stop LSE and Kings students marching over Waterloo bridge. Many break through. Situation already very tense.

- 12:40pm Police have blocked the march at Malet Street according to @ucloccupation

- 12:49pm UCL Occupation has started a live map of the protests with particular attention to police deployments.

- 12:52pm Several people on twitter describe being 'kettled by socialists giving speeches', sounds about right for the Labour left and SWP, let them go!

- 13:13pm @PennyRed "Omg the kids just charged through the line. I can see police beating kids."

- 13:15pm First sighting in the UK of Italian-style literary riot shields

- 13:25pm @ncloccupation 20 protesters stormed meeting with Newcastle Vice Chancellor.

- 13:26pm - Parliament Square sealed off.

- 13:34pm - Guardian reports that "three protesters have just been ejected from the public gallery in the Commons because they were chanting slogans."

- 13:45pm - LSJSN blog post this youtube video from Trafalgar Square:

- 13:50pm London protest reaches Parliament square.

- 14:23pm Protesters kettled in parliament square, which had previously been declared off limits. Six horses arrived in one corner, fences are being pushed against, six lines deep of riot police behind.[/b]

- 14:35 BBC helicopter shows three metal barriers being carried over the heads of protesters towards police lines.

- 14:45pm People blocking traffic on Vauxhall bridge.

- 14:54 Line of students has formed a human shield to prevent mounted police entering parliament square.

- 14:59 Newcastle Occupation has published photos from the protest there - lots of people, lots of mounted police.

- 15:03 Photo of fences being torn down at parliament square within the past hour.
- 15:33 Police hitting protesters with batons, someone in a wheelchair dragged behind police lines, @PennryRed reports that one of the Guardian's journalists was "beaten bloody" with a baton. Lots of paint thrown at the police. Around Holborn several students with large books trying to push back police lines.

- 15:38pm Horse charge outside Westminster Abbey - caught on BBC News 24.

- 16:30pm Wheelchair user dragged from wheelchair (and then to the ground according to the Guardian) by the police -

- 16:56pm Very large bonfire lit in Parliament square.

- 17:42pm Vote passed, 21 majority.

- 18:09pm What looks like a baton charge by 30-odd police in parliament square visible on the BBC helicopter footage, no mention of it at all in the commentary.

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Dec 9 2010 10:00


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Mike Harman
Dec 9 2010 04:21

Article from one of the occupiers of Goldsmiths:

Video of the occupation:

Mike Harman
Dec 9 2010 04:34

Guardian has posted an article about a woman who was knocked unconscious by police then denied medical attention for two hours during the November 30th kettle -

Dec 9 2010 08:26

This is today's listed events for the Exeter occupation (Who are keeping some people in occupation with a delegation being sent to London), apparently including a talk on Anarchism at 7:00pm:

9.30 Yoga
10.00 'Welcome to the Occupation' meeting and ITV turn up
11.00 Prof Richard Seyford, Classics department: gave an inspiring speech soon after the occupation began
12.15 Prof Philip Henscher, English department
13.00-ish LUNCH
14.00 Dr Ian Cook, Geography department: "critical pedagogy"
15.00 Discussion group: "critical theory of protest"
16.00 Philosophy Society students' debate: "ethics of peaceful protest"
17.00 Preparation for action relating to the Commons vote
18.00 Watching the vote, with action to be discussed
19.00 Exeter Anarchist Reading Group – Robin Dunford speaks on "anarchism and complexity"
21.00 Films and music
mikail firtinaci
Dec 9 2010 10:26

I am following the struggle happening over there with excitement. Here in Turkey there is an incredible repression and media hypocrisy going on right now. Even the slightest sign of protest is facing with severe oppression. Even raising your voice against the PM can end with severe imprisonments. So called liberal media and the so called social democrats are doing nothing but joining in with the government and police in approving harsh measures against the students...

Moreover the conditions of the students are terrible. Most of them even does not have a chance to find a proper job after graduation. For instance there are about 300.000 unemployed teachers and each year 40.000 more are graduating. The living conditions are even worse. No need to mention the impossibility of reproduction...

So your struggle over there is most meaningful here in Turkey as much as it is in England. You are aspiring courage and hope. In solidarity with you in your fight today!

Dec 9 2010 12:41

Apparently some of the speakers at the ULU rally are calling for a general strike in March.

Dec 9 2010 12:45

Apparently the crowd have had enough of speeches...:

"Student just jumped the speakers platform, grabbed the mic and led a chant of "march!" #dayx3"

Dec 9 2010 15:31

In parliament sq area from 1 to 3pm. Police with drawn batons waded into protesters by George Canning statue on the Sq. Fireworks and flares thrown in response (not before). Around 1.45.

Groups of protesters of between 20 and 50 wandering around Victoria St , Whitehall and surrounding streets playing cat and mouse with the police who appear pretty overstretched. Brilliant to watch the protesters break ranks to avoid being kettled then regrouping! A lot of police baiting by little kids aged 13-15!

Victoria and Westminster stations closed.

Fences around Sq pushed down and Sq occupied - these people will inevitably be corralled. Spotted RMT banner entering area.

When I left more police entering area. However, observed groups of protesters still heading there. A group of around 50 school students in uniform held by police close to St James Park tube.

Mike Harman
Dec 9 2010 15:41

Can't fucking deny there was a police charge this time. Could get really nasty.

Boris Badenov
Dec 9 2010 17:54

Looks like the tuition bill just passed.

Dec 9 2010 18:19

i dont think i've ever heard the term "working class" so much on TV before (by protesters)

Dec 9 2010 18:43

who organised this candlelit vigil the bbc and sky are talking about? NUS?

Dec 9 2010 18:48

What's happened to the Twitter feeds? The updates now seem to consist entirely of re-tweeting jokes about Nick Clegg. Where have all the on-the-ground updates gone?

Dec 9 2010 19:09

Photos from earlier in the day


Quote on the Guardian live coverage about an hour ago:

I've just recieved a phonecall from my partner who has been badly injured at the protest. Apparently police contained a group of passive protesters who, when asked if they could get out, were set towards another blockade.

My partner was pushed forward and was knocked unconscious by a police officer. Bleeding and injured he asked if he could get medical attention to his head wound but was paid no attention to.
Thanks to two members of the public he was carried out towards medical assistance, still within the containment, to get his head bandaged. When he called me he was still being contained even though he was making it aware to police surrounding that he was experiencing headaches and had clearly been hurt.

Aaron Porter was on the BBC a while ago criticising protestors for being violent. He didn't have anything to say about the police.

Dec 9 2010 19:06

Apparently protestors are trying to storm the treasury:

'We want our money back!'

Joseph Kay
Dec 9 2010 19:45
Jenre wrote:
who organised this candlelit vigil the bbc and sky are talking about? NUS?

NUS & UCU. Nobody went. Sky reporter stood on an empty street and said that all the people who wanted to go were 'trapped', they certainly weren't gleefully rioting on the split screen. Also candles were banned, it was going to be a glowstick vigil but the organisers didn't even turn up. Recuperation fail.

Dec 9 2010 20:02
Joseph Kay wrote:
Jenre wrote:
who organised this candlelit vigil the bbc and sky are talking about? NUS?

NUS & UCU. Nobody went. Sky reporter stood on an empty street and said that all the people who wanted to go were 'trapped', they certainly weren't gleefully rioting on the split screen. Also candles were banned, it was going to be a glowstick vigil but the organisers didn't even turn up. Recuperation fail.

Thats pretty funny laugh out loud

According to AP Prince Charles car got a bit of a kicking as well.

Dec 9 2010 20:12

yeah i heard the man from sky which is why I asked.. he also called people "idiots" who smashed windows at the supreme court..

god BBC news and sky are really messing with my blood pressure

Dec 9 2010 20:13

Spokesperson at Scotland yard claims protesters using "acts of terror"... shocking language

Dec 9 2010 20:15

I really don't know how this is going to go... what's going to happen next?

I get the feeling the anger's not growing less but getting more intense...

Dec 9 2010 20:18

The Grauniad is saying that a car containing Prince Charles and Camilla was attacked by protestors. I lol'd.

Dec 9 2010 20:39

seems prince charles car was kicked before it drove away.... WOW. what an attack

EDIT: seems they smashed a window and covered it in white paint..

Boris Badenov
Dec 9 2010 21:00

we all know it was the ICC though.

Dec 9 2010 21:06
mateofthebloke wrote:
we all know it was the ICC though.

Bloody Communists.

Dec 9 2010 21:06
mateofthebloke wrote:
we all know it was the ICC though.

Actually I've been waiting for alf to get back to me on the nights activities, but I'm glad we managed to retain overall control from our world headquarters laugh out loud

Dec 9 2010 21:07

you almost got me to read the daily mail comments then... i managed to resist tho. can you die from anger?

Dec 9 2010 21:09

rather amusing picture of our future king and his consort here

Dec 9 2010 21:10

bbc reporter (browne?) blaming anarchists for violence. name-checking the wombles and whitechapel anarchist group