France: Airbus workers wildcat strike succeeds

Airbus workers vote for wildcat at a general assembly

Airbus workers in France have won a higher salary increase and a one-off payment.

After wildcat stoppage last month at factories in Nantes and Saint-Nazaire, the unions (FO, CGC, CFTC and CFDT) could not agree to the latest offer before having taken it directly to the workers.

The workers agreed a salary increase of 2.8%, with a minimum monthly increase of 40 euros for lower-paid workers. They also accepted a one-off payment for all workers of 800 euros, which was double the previous offer.

The CFTC union was unsure of whether to accept this payment on the ground that it was a "bonus for taking wildcat action".

Most of the represented unions seemed disconcerted by the wildcat action, although the CGT spokesman came out strongly in support of the wildcats. Members of the CGT union have rejected the offer, it is uncertain whether they will continue with wildcat action.

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jef costello
Jun 5 2007 09:35


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