Lyon, France: Strike at Domino's Pizza

Lyon, France: Strike at Domino's Pizza

News of the struggle against Domino's Pizza Friday in the 8th district to protest working conditions and low wages. Here is the translated text from the site, edited for this post.

Contact the strikers at col­lec­tif-domi­nos-lyon8 [AT] hot­
Original page:

Friday, 21 September, 2012, 6pm. Employees of Domino's Pizza store Lyon 8e were given an appointment to find a solution to low wages and poor working conditions (the leaflet is written attached to the end of the text).

Accompanied by many unionists, workers decided to request a meeting with their employer. It is not available, employees have decided to unanimously get out this situation by exercising their right of strike for the evening after a meeting with the employer was fixed the next day at 10am.

Saturday, 22 September at 10am, employees collectively met their employer and demanded respect of the Labour Code and the collective agreement of fast food (which represents a revolution in the franchise), the massive hiring to compensate for the lack of staff making the conditions of appalling working and renewal of equipment deliverymen (request an outfit winter tire quality, protection, ...)

After the employer responded to most requests with rhetoric and demagoguery, it was decided that it should allow 1 week to allow time for it to implement various advanced.

Employees returned to work in "partial service", refusing to deliver without new tires and better equipped scooters. New arrivals were held, providing reuse their right of withdrawal if they felt too much pressure. The next appointment with the employer shall be next Saturday!

Insecure jobs, poor working conditions, low wages, committed throughout the fight!

Leaflet distributed Sept. 21: Domino's pizza Lyon 8e:


Students and precarious workers, forced to work for a large majority of us, we no longer support the use of which we are the object and the attitude of management who feels above the law!

Employees working in appalling working conditions: Members of the management team are demoted without prior interview and pushed to the limit, under constant pressure that brings some of the depression. Schedules are often notified 2 days before the beginning of the week they are intended. Lack of occupational visits.

The hours spent in the dressing room are mandatory unpaid but then that compensation is provided for by the collective agreement of fast food. Outfits and scooters are a pathetic quality and they do not protect any of the deliverymen winter cold, rain and road accidents ...... not to mention temperatures inside the store that have been regularly above 35 ° C!

Poverty wages for niche huge work: 12 week contracts are imposed on the vast majority of employees, some are forced to work five nights a week to complete these hours while the salary does not exceed some € 425 net per month! Management is very flexible schedules imposed on employees regardless of their personal lives.

Monthly pay slips must be verified by the employees to avoid errors. Additional hours and overtime are not paid. Illegal practices with the signing of an addendum to the employment contract after hours they target are often implemented. It may take months to get compensation for transport to our workplace, even if the compensation comes a day!

In addition, the lack of manpower (departures not replaced) puts us in a dangerous situation and a report of conflict with customers who complained to the employees of the service quality.

Under these conditions a number of employees of Domino's pizza Lyon 8e will implement articles 40L4131-1 of the Labour Code and following which include that "the employer may require the worker who has exercised his right of withdrawal to resume its activities in a work situation where there is continuing imminent and serious danger. "

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These wages are even lower than those paid in Australia not to mention what sounds like the bad working conditions common in the food service industry. Safety issues would be paramount. Does anyone know what union they are organised into?

Sep 27 2012 23:11
Lugius wrote:
These wages are even lower than those paid in Australia not to mention what sounds like the bad working conditions common in the food service industry. Safety issues would be paramount. Does anyone know what union they are organised into?

The campaign here in north america wrote to the SUD Retail Union. The same Union which organizes among fast food workers in the Paris region (and beyond?).

Sep 30 2012 14:18

Does anyone know if these guys are aware of the struggles being carried out atm in Australia and vice versa?

Sep 30 2012 19:45

An attempt to mail them failed (faulty address). If anybody has more info, would be useful.

Sep 30 2012 20:06
akai wrote:
An attempt to mail them failed (faulty address). If anybody has more info, would be useful.

Had the same problem.

The SUD Commerce Union sent us "Solidaires en action"-N° 84-Le 25 septembre 2012
newsletter which seems to have general information. This seems to be a reprint of previously published demands:

Domino’s Pizza à Lyon : jeunes, précaires… et organisé-es !« Etudiant-es et travailleurs/ses précaires, nous ne supportons plus l’exploitation dont nous faisons l’objet et l’attitude d’une direction qui se croit au dessus des lois ! », ainsi débutait le tract diffusé par les salarié-es de Domino’s Pizza à Lyon, le 21septembre.

Suivait une description de leur quotidien grines employés qui travaillent dans des conditions de travail exécrables

 Les membres de l’équipe d’encadrement sont rétrogradés sans entretien préalable et poussés à bout, sous une pression constante qui en rapproche certains de la dépression. Les emplois du temps sont notifiés souvent 2 jours avant le début de la semaine qu’ils visent. Une absence de visite de médecine du travail.
 Les heures passées au vestiaire sont obligatoires mais non rémunérées alors qu’une compensation est prévue par laconvention collective de la restauration rapide. Les tenues et scooters sont d’une qualité pitoyable et elles ne protègent en aucun cas les livreurs du froid hivernal, de lapluie et des accidents de la route, sans oublier les températures à l’intérieur du magasin, régulièrement au-dessus de 35° !Des salaires de misère pour des créneaux de travail énormes
 Des contrats de 12h hebdomadaires sont imposés à la plus grande majorité des employé-es : certain-es sont contraint-es àtravailler 5 soirs par semaine pour exécuter ces heures alors que le salaire n’excède pas 425€ net par mois !
 La gestion très flexible des horaires est imposée aux salarié-es sans tenir compte de leur vie personnelle.
 Chaque mois, des heures complémentaires et supplémentaires ne sont pas rémunérées. Des pratiques illégales avec lasignature d’avenants au contrat de travail après les heures qu’ils ciblent sont parfois mises en œuvre.
 De plus, le manque d’effectifs (départs non remplacés) nous met dans une situation de danger et dans un rapport deconflit avec la clientèle qui se plaint auprès des employé-es de la qualité du service.Des salarié-es de Domino’s pizza ont contacté Solidaires ; ensemble, ils et elles se sont organisé-es pour cesser le travail,usant de leur droit de retrait, le 21 septembre au soir. Par leur action collective, les jeunes salarié-es de Domino’s ontobtenu des négociations; il s’agit maintenant de s’organiser pour tenir dans la durée, installer le syndicat dansl’entreprise, contacter les autres établissements, bref d’être … Solidaires

Claremont Solidarity
Oct 1 2012 07:54

There's an update on the struggle at this store on the website where the original article was posted. I put the Google translate below. It looks like they won most all of their demands (I'm not sure if they were actually on strike or not?), and now they're forming a branch of SUD in the shop. But I think that before they can officially have union representation they need to organize in the other shops in Lyon owned by Jean-Claude Barbe, since I think in France a bargaining unit for a private sector workplace needs to be above 50 employees.

Strike domino's pizza, head back

The employer was met by a few employees Saturday
- the tires were changed: quality tires (Peugeot), replaces tires first prize of poor quality (Kymco)
- new helmets were purchased for each delivery,
- New uniforms will be distributed to each employee,
- sleeves will be equipped with scooters,
- aprons protection will soon be distributed to deliverers,
- time dressing and undressing is now paid (5 minutes for dressing, undressing for 5 minutes, this represents almost 1 hour paid weekly and more!)
- 10-12 new hires between Monday and Wednesday,
- employment problems of the time, problems with the payroll and defray a portion of the transportation costs are now resolved,
- the relationship between management and employees have improved.

The employer was compelled to answer most of the claims made through this struggle! A union branch SUD rises in the store now, preparing to claim the economic and social unit 7 stores (divided into four franchises) owned by the employer! The goal is to exceed the thresholds of employee-es required to set up an EC and a CHSCT in companies held by our employer Jean-Claude Barbe .... FYI, the employer also has stores located in:
- rue paul bert,
- rue garibaldi,
- cours Emile Zola (Cusset),
- Charmettes (Charpennes),
- St Priest,
- Annecy. To add to the store located avenue brothers lights in the 8th, which is the most important of them.