May Day 2012 - discussion and updates

#Occupy Mayday strike poster

May 1, International Workers Day. Please post your accounts and updates of workers' events today in the comments below.

See this article for a short history of Mayday as International Workers Day.

And see this thread for discussion of organising of the #occupy Mayday general strike attempt.

One of our users, Soapy, in particular is going to try and keep track of the events:

Well, I'm out of the country, but I'm gonna try and keep track of all the mayday activities. Here's what I've seen so far.

Businesses cars and police station vandalized in San Francisco

Please let us know what is happening in your area!

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May 1 2012 08:13


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May 14 2012 18:41
Caiman del Barrio wrote:
wojtek wrote:
Anti-authoritarians celebrate Mayday in Cuba:

Homespun Anti-capitalists

This was actually for the #12M mobilisations not Mayday. I've met/been in touch with a couple of them, not sure if they can all be termed 'anti-authoritarians', rather a heretogeneous, small group moving to the left of oficialismo in Cuba.

First person reportage on their blog here:

I think it's the same article en español.

Jun 6 2012 23:03
flaneur wrote:

The culprit was obviously a fan of 4chan.

klas batalo
Jun 3 2013 06:28

This is a little late, but better now than never. At the link are some of my thoughts and reflections around libertarian left organizing around Occupy and May Day 2012.