November 30th day of action against cuts and fees

November 30th day of action against cuts and fees

Tens of thousands of students will walk out of class for the third time in as many weeks today during a national day of action against cuts and tuition fees.

Protests last week erupted into occupations at around fifteen universities across the UK, with reports of as much as 35 universities and colleges having been in occupation over the past couple of weeks. We expect to see even more occupations begin as a result of today's day of action.

Reports have also come out over the past week of police brutality against demonstrators, including horse charges and 'toxic fire extinguisher' spray against kettled protesters in Whitehall, mounted police charging demonstrators in Manchester, and riot police attacking protesters at Lewisham Town Hall yesterday evening, including pushing students down stairs.

We will update this page regularly as the day develops. Please post local reports in the comments below.

11:53am - via Facebook

"15 students have moved into occupation of the Tory offices in Aberdeen in attempt to shut down operations for the day. Police quickly arrived on the scene and the protest continues, it is believed the protesters will be moved off the premises soon, but the office will be closed for ...the day."

11:56am via @LeedsStudent "One person already arrested", "Police containing protestors".

12:06pm - Wayne in comments says:

Just back from our wee morning picket at Uni of Glos. The response to the banner and fliers was easily the best I've experienced in Cheltenham and a lot of students said they were planning to join the protest (which here is on the 8th December for some reason). Security were summoned to remove our banner on order of the campus manager; they were quite apologetic about it but I think their jobs are very vulnerable just now. All in all, it was a bit lame but we shifted our leaflets and got a decent response from colleagues and from the students.

12:07pm - Sheffield uni demo subject to section 14 order. Cops attempting to limit demo outside Clegg's constituency office to 100 people.

Leeds marchers being kettled with cops in front and vans behind, first arrest of the day after an early scuffle.

12:18pm - Great Hall, Trent Building, University of Nottingham has been occupied (via twitter)

12:21pm - BBC News just reported protesters in Trafalgar Sq. have legged it down Whitehall an hour earlier than planned, presumably to avoid getting kettled.

- more on this from

Around 500 college students just charged down Whitehall from Trafalgar Square only to be met by a wall of police.

The police had been hidden down a side street and emerged as they saw the protesters charging.

The protesters then returned to Trafalgar Square and were last reported to be heading toward Buckingham Palace.

One observer remarked on the incident as being: “Very French revolution.”

Few University of London students are currently at Trafalgar Square, although a delegation from Queen Mary has been seen and student from UCL and SOAS are en route.

Protesters have split into two groups. One group are still at Whitehall, and one have headed into St James Park.

Riot Police have been scene following the St James Park crowd and are expected to attempt to kettle them in.

Reports that other protesters have made it to Parliament Square are also coming in.

12:32pm - "King's College London have occupied against the coalition's proposed rise in student fees and cuts to EMA. We have taken a lovely lecture theatre and are sitting peacefully through a very long maths lecture so as not to disrupt anyone's education. Join us!"

1:30pm - Rob Ray in comments posts:

Bristol: Police have sent in the horses and are chasing protesters with them.

London: Snowballs flying, apparently hitting a couple of the Fit. Picadilly and Regent Street apparently brought to a standstill?

Liverpool: Attempt at kettling from police, some shoving but nothing major? Mostly at a standstill, smaller numbers than last time. However, uni roof has just been occupied for a banner drop.

Also worryingly there's a report that troops are being brought in as backup for the cops, in blue baseball caps - though that may just be rumours...

1.34pm - School students protesting outside Birmingham council offices:

1.40pm - That Birmingham council office protest has turned into an occupation of 60 people!

1.41pm - protesters in London are spread out all over the place, largely evading police attempts at kettling with a few exceptions, first reports of brutality from @UCLOccupation of people being rugby tackled into railings. Huge police lines in some areas but those areas are being avoided for obvious reasons.

1.42pm - 1,000 protesters outside Nick Clegg's office in Sheffield.

2.42pm - Slade school of art occupied. Cat and mouse continues in London, appears to be some convergence of both police and protesters at Trafalgar Square.

- Kettling at Trafalgar Square has begun, police horses are there, not letting anyone out.
- student interviewed at Birmingham says they'll stay there as long as possible.
- Occupation of majorie arnold an ziff building on leeds uni campus. Staff being evacuated now.
- "Occupation of majorie arnold an ziff building on leeds uni campus. Staff being evacuated now."
- @edactivistnet - Students have occupied part of Queens University in support of free education. #demo2010 #dayx2"

- Oxfordshire Council offices invaded a few minutes ago:; Protestors in Oxford, mainly secondary school students, have occupied County Hall. Some have made their way onto the roof.
- Liverpool : march banned but people broke through. Road and rooftop sitins. Police kettling now in Liverpool.

3.17pm - Sheffield University occupied.

3.26pm - Riot police in Trafalgar Square, eight police vans. Kettling in operation.

3.40pm - Trafalgar Square kettle broken (though reports say not much of a kettle, with small groups being allowed out). Fireworks let off.

3.58pm - Students are occupying at Kingston University.

- Students have taken the multi-storey car park at Hove Town Hall.
- Protesters occupy Lloyds Bank in Cardiff.
- 400 people occupying lecture theatre at Manchester University.
- Students in Sheffield occupy university library.

4.30pm - reports of police in Brighton using tasers against protesting schoolkids. As yet unconfirmed.

5.50pm - Birmingham Council occupation has ended with a march around the city.

See also:
- Follow the #dayx2 hashtag on twitter
- Find your local anti-cuts group and event on
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Mike Harman
Nov 30 2010 05:07


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Mike Harman
Nov 30 2010 14:21

Twitter is saying that Sky News showed some footage of a riot van run someone over, then people chasing and attacking the van. Sounds nasty, can't find anything about it apart from that though.

Joseph Kay
Nov 30 2010 14:26

500 and growing in Brighton. Anarchists handing out bust cards with legal advice and notes on civil disobedience, Trots handing out 'come to our meeting' grin

Nov 30 2010 14:38
Nov 30 2010 14:38

Slade School of Art has been Occupied.

Nov 30 2010 14:49

Rumours on Twitter than the Nottingham Occupation has had its internet cut.

Nov 30 2010 14:52

"Occupation of majorie arnold an ziff building on leeds uni campus. Staff being evacuated now. #dayx2 #leedsmarch #demo2010"

Nov 30 2010 15:01

"edactivistnet Students have occupied part of Queens University in support of free education. #demo2010 #dayx2"

Mike Harman
Nov 30 2010 15:04

Alright main article is mostly up-to-date. I'll need to sign-of in a bit so please keep posting comments and hopefully someone will take over.

Nov 30 2010 15:14

Sheffield Uni now in Occupation

"Andypi2_normal Andy__Hill RT @edactivistnet: Sheffield Uni now in occupation #demo2010 #dayx2"

Nov 30 2010 15:22

RUMOUR on Twitter that students have blocked the M32:

"Apparently students have blocked the M32. Time for the great siege of Bristol? #dayx2 #demo2010"

Nov 30 2010 15:25

Oxford invasion of County Hall is now an occupation.


@JustAnonPG @AdamGabbatt Leeds students charge Students Services bldg housing VCs office. Police on scene, some still inside. #demo2010

@violetmaze Liverpool : march banned but people broke through.road and rooftop sitins.kettling now in liverpool 1 . #nocuts #dayx2 #dayx#demo2010

• @DavidWeeble All #peaceful still. People in windows supporting us. Huge crowd. 100s @BrightonArgusJo #demo2010

• @Rumaanah I would like to make it very clear that there is NO and was NOT any violence between the protesters and police. #DEMO2010 #Birmingham

Mike Harman
Nov 30 2010 15:26

M32 cameras here no sign of it but no idea what the geography is like there.

Nov 30 2010 15:27

police uses teargas against students in Roma/Italy: ... would be great if somebody with more than a rudimentary knowledge of Italian could have a look at that page

Mike Harman
Nov 30 2010 15:31

Here's the M32 blocked by police earlier - Those traffic cams useless then if this runs right through the city centre, oh well.

Nov 30 2010 15:31

Leeds Met and Student Union issue official joint statement. Looks like the've come out against the education reforms.

Nov 30 2010 15:38

Rumour on twitter of batons being drawn against schoolkids in Oxford.

Nov 30 2010 15:44

Has the kettle been broken or has it been opened by police? Getting conflicting reports.

Nov 30 2010 15:47

Who reported that 14 police vans seen at Liverpool Lime street (in order to cut the demo in two) absolutley correct. Just left the cancelled dem o(around 400) and after a semi- kettling for around one and a half hours, the demo is now dispersed.
After speeches from NUS wannerbe bureacrats and Liverpool Trades Council, the demo set off from the student Guild building with 'peaceful protest' and democracy ringing in our ears.At the south side exit a cordon of police (30 or so strong) physically prevented an exit, guarding a gateway out., The demo surged forward and some escaped through the police lines the rest was prevented from passing. We looked behind us an there was a cordon of police and my first thoughts was that we had been kettled. After negociation with the NUS the police informed us that they were not allowing a demo but thought that it was just a meeting, ergo no march.They kept us there for around an hour and we had assurances from the NUS that a march was on the agenda. The police were completely adamant that there would be no march and I heard one copper saying that "you'll get cold and get fed up" One NUS rep on the other side of the gates with a megaphone was arrested esentially for being mouthy on the megaphone although to give him his due he was trying to block traffic.
The remainder of the demo, blocked in dwindled away and around 60 were left, we marched back past the Guild and were prevented from leaving the campus by a police cordon. We then had some information by a NUS rep who also asked did anyone want to try and speak, I spoke on the fact that our wonderful democracy and peaceful attitude had led to the essential sabatage of the demo, a bear faced fact (at this point there were more police that demonstrators.)

It was a very well organised police operation which sliced up the demo in two, make no mistake that the police had organised this well, and that we can expect more of the same. I dont know if there had been an organising cock-up by the NUS or that the police had just decided that the march was not going to happen, probably the later.

There is to be a joint demo of the NUS and the unions (Liverpool Trades Council) early in
in December.

Nov 30 2010 15:54

Interesting point, the occupation of Slade Art School (part of the UCL - so that's two autonomous occupations in the same university) is made up of both students AND staff.

Nov 30 2010 15:55

From Twitter:

"Students are occupying at Kingston University #demo2010 #dayx2"

Nov 30 2010 15:58

"RT @fatcouncillor: "@nomoregames Students have taken the multi-storey car park at Hove Town Hall #DayX #dayx2" Speechless..."

Mike Harman
Nov 30 2010 16:00

"RT @EdinUniAntiCuts St Andrews is occupied #demo2010 #UNity #dayx2 #solidarity"

Nov 30 2010 16:00

Getting word of occupations at St Andrews, Strathclyde, Aberdeen...

Nov 30 2010 16:03

Also Glasgow as well.

Nov 30 2010 16:04
Auto wrote:
Sheffield Uni now in Occupation

"Andypi2_normal Andy__Hill RT @edactivistnet: Sheffield Uni now in occupation #demo2010 #dayx2"

apparently the richard roberts building is being occupied by about 300 people

Nov 30 2010 16:05

"RT @Fitwatcher: Students have occupied lloyds tsb business bank in Cardiff #demo2010 #dayx2"

Nov 30 2010 16:10

"HuddsAnarchists sit in at bradford uni after leaving protest inside bradford college #demo2010 #dayx2"

Nov 30 2010 16:26

Reports of tasers being used by police in Brighton!! Can any of the Brighton lot confirm this?

Nov 30 2010 16:36
Ed wrote:
Reports of tasers being used by police in Brighton!! Can any of the Brighton lot confirm this?

The cops say no, twice:
Seems to originate from here:
Not seen anyone else say this.