Picket at the Belarusian Embassy in Moscow

A lecture on history is not a crime. Free Pyotr Ryabov.

On October 13 2017 individual picketing took place in front of the embassy of Belarus in Moscow, demanding the immediately release of Moscow libertarian philosopher Pyotr Ryabov, arrested in Belarus. A professor of philosophy at the Moscow Pedagogical University, Pyabov was arrested in Baranavichy, charged with "petty hooliganism," and sentenced on October 11 to six days of imprisonment, after which he went on a hunger strike.

Pyotr Ryabov is a well-known researcher of the philosophy of anarchism, and the author of a number of books and articles. He is actively engaged in educational work, and lectures on history and philosophy. He had traveled to Belarus to deliver lectures, however, his lecture in Grodno was interrupted by police bursting into the hall. The people arrested were released, but this episode was followed by the actions of the police and the court in Baranavichy.

Taking part in the Moscow picket action were students of Ryabov and attendees of his courses. Also taking part was a representative of the Russian section of the International Workers' Association (IWA-AIT).
The pickets held signs reading: "Lectures on history are not a crime. Free Pyotr Ryabov!" "No to censorship. Hooligans are breaking up lectures!" "Why is science a danger to Belarus? Free the Russian philosopher and historian Pyotr Ryabov," "Since when is philosophy prohibited?" etc. The picket proceeded without incident.

Thanks to aitrus.info for this information.

Translator's note: in Moscow single-person pickets can take place without permission; group pickets require permission three days in advance (without a megaphone); with a megaphone -- 10 days in advance.

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