Police brutality leaves South London boy in critical condition

Police brutality leaves South London boy in critical condition

A fifteen-year-old boy has been left in critical care after being brutally attacked by police in South London.

Terrell Decosta Jones-Burton, from South Bermondsey, London, was attacked on the evening of Tuesday 21st November as he was on his way home with his friends after police approached, accusing him of the robbery of a mobile phone.

The extent of his injuries as a result of contact with police over the alleged mobile phone theft are severe: on his way to hospital after the beating, Terrell had a seizure in the ambulance. It has since been confirmed that he has bruising on his brain. The bone inside his gum has also been broken and he has lost teeth as well as suffering from abdominal pain, which suggests trauma to the stomach.

Terrell has no criminal record and no history of investigation by police authorities.

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Nov 22 2017 18:41



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Nov 24 2017 15:47

Any police abolition groups in London? And I mean ABOLITION not BLM necessarily.....

Mike Harman
Nov 24 2017 21:04

Empty Cages collective is specifically abolitionist, although focused on prisons: http://www.prisonabolition.org/ - has been going since 2014 afaict.

The following are not as far as I know specifically abolitionist (individuals involved might be though), but have been going quite a lot longer: