Protest march climaxes struggle for the liberation of imprisoned December insurgents in Athens

front banner: not a step back, immediate relase of the uprising's prisoners

The protest march of Saturday 11/4 marks a climax for the solidarity struggle regarding imprisoned insurgents of the December uprising in Athens

On Saturday 11/4 noon a big protest march took to the streets of Koridallos, Athens, towards the central jail of Greece. The march was in protest to the continuing imprisonment of last December insurgents against who all evidence are little more than circumstantial. Demanding the immediate release of the prisoners and pledging their solidarity to all inmates and to the Katerina Goulioni, the prison activist who was assassinated during her transfer from Crete to the mainland last month, the demonstrators stood outside the women's prison wing chanting prison abolition slogans as inmates put fire on linen hanging them on their cell windows.

The protest march comes in a climax of solidarity struggle to the imprisoned insurgents of December across the country including protest marches, concerts for economic help to the imprisoned insurgents and their juridical expenses. On the previous Friday 10/04 three radio stations were occupied in Athens and were forced to broadcast programmes on December demanding the immediate release of insurgents.

At the same time, on Saturday 12/4 evening protesters attacked and destroyed the offices of ANEK Lines, the colossal passenger boat company on whose boat Katerina Goulioni, the inmate prison-activist was assassinated on 18/3, putting an end to her struggle for the abolition of physical penetrative vaginal inspection in Greek prisons. Her death led to an uprising in the women's prison of Thebes last month.

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