Protest staves off eviction for Liverpool family

Protest staves off eviction for Liverpool family

An emergency protest called by ReClaim, a grassroots anti-austerity group based in Liverpool, successfully prevented the eviction of a family from their home in Bootle, Liverpool.

The family were due to be evicted for mortgage arrears and was due to be evicted yesterday, Monday 15th of December, by court order.

After learning about the eviction on Thursday evening, ReClaim put a callout on social media and 40-50 local activists gathered both in and outside the house from 10am Monday. The vigil turned away a locksmith, bailiffs and the police. After 8 hours news came that the eviction notice had been dismissed. The mortgage company, Leeds Building Society, will seek another date through the courts, but this is unlikely to be until the new year.

As well as organising direct action and campaigning against austerity, ReClaim provide support and advice and can be contacted via Facebook, e-mail ( or by phone (0151 538 1607)

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Dec 16 2014 16:02


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Dec 16 2014 20:07

Great result!

Dec 21 2014 18:06

Well done to all. Just a brief point though; Bootle is NOT part of Liverpool and despite being surrounded by the L'pool conurbation, is a separate town, in it's own right. and is older than it's larger neighbour.

jef costello
Dec 21 2014 19:25

well done!