Russia: They don't represent us!

Russia: They don't represent us!

Almost 40% of the population of Russian Federation with a "right to elect" chose not to participate in the electoral farce, indirectly expressing his opposition to the existing system, which doesn`t represent their will.

The greatest reluctance to participate in the farce showed residents of the Astrakhan region (53%), the Stavropol Region (52.5%), Moscow (51%), Ivanovo Region (49%), Arkhangelsk Region (48%), Smolensk Region (47%) and Samara Region (47 %), and the percentage of participants in the cities who had come to throw an unnecessary piece of paper into the ballot box is even lower than the national average!

So much of the population boycotted the elections. It is the response to the working class to manipulations of the authoritarian regime, and to the tricks of the bourgeois opposition of yuppies who calls for "fair elections"

Revolutionary anarchists and anarcho-syndicalists do not support the idiocy of the "honest elections"

Government and Opposition: Que se vayan todos!

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Mar 5 2012 11:41


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