Ryanair workers take industrial action

Ryanair workers take industrial action

Ryanair workers are taking industrial action in Spain and Italy this week.

In Italy, workers are refusing to sell all "extras", such as hot drinks, food and alcohol on flights. This allows them to hurt Ryanair's profits - "extras" made up €115m of Ryanair's after-tax profits last year - whilst keeping passenger inconvenience to a minimum. Many workers at Ryanair in Italy recently joined a union, but were told that the company would not negiotiate with third parties, and saw their reps transferred out soon after they'd been elected

In Spain, strike action starts today, and will culminate in a 24 hour strike on the 23rd October. This is also around issues of union recognition and persistently ignoring negotiated agreements.

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Mike Harman
Oct 16 2006 18:47


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