Senegal: seven teachers injured by police

Senegal: seven teachers injured by police

The teachers were on the way home from a general meeting that had been held in the state capital Ziguinchor when they were attacked by police.

The teachers who are currently involved in a dispute over pay and conditions had asked for authorisation for a march. This request was denied by the state governor. The teachers met in the town and held a general assembly (AG) they agreed on a protest motion that was to be passed to the governor but he refused to enter into any contact with them. It was then agreed by the AG that the demonstrators would disperse.

It was at this point that a group of female teachers were targeted by police. Seven of them, including a pregnant woman, were injured by police batons. One of the women had to be evacuated to hospital in a serious condition.

The Senegalese police and military have been accused of intimidating and harassing teachers over the last few months with many incidents being reported.

Officially the visit of the Prime Minister led to the banning of the march for security reasons. The inter-union committee pointed out that the Prime Minister is currently campaigning for the June 3rd elections. As a sign of solidarity with their colleagues teachers have announced that they will not help to supervise the ballot.

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jef costello
May 19 2007 13:01


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