Smash the SDL: Glasgow

Smash the SDL: Glasgow

The woefully sorry bunch of Racist bigots at the Scottish defense league have called yet another demonstration, this time supposedly to "combat" grooming gangs. This despite the fact that their group has been and is riddled with convicted pedophiles, abusers and sex offenders whom they have never disavowed. This is yet another thinly veiled disguise to spew more of their racist, bigoted shambles of an agenda in public and we won't stand for it.

more info on SDL and fascist pedophiles:

We call on all antifascists and honest, anti-racist locals to stand up against their violent xenophobia and their opportunist hijacking of a cause they have no interest in. We know we won't win by just standing around smug, waving placards and chanting slogans, so we will assemble outside city chambers on the east end of George square, separate from the "official" Unite against Fascism demo and their pals in the police force and boot the SDL off our streets!

¡No pasarán!

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Jul 20 2018 15:55


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