The Spectre Of Expropriation

The Spectre Of Expropriation

The initiative "Deutsche Wohnen & Co enteignen" (Expropriate Deutsche Wohnen & Co) aims at expropriating big housing companys in Berlin by referendum.
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Approximately 240,000 flats would be withdrawn from the market, speculation would be contained, conversions to condominiums and rising rents could be prevented.

On time with the referendum's launch at 26 February 2021, bands Geigerzähler, Esels Alptraum and The Incredible Herrengedeck formed the supergroup myGruni Allstars and recorded a song that addresses the subject and supports the initiative's cause: Goosebumps guaranteed!

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Johanna Schellhagen
Mar 18 2021 07:13


  • "Our spectre puts an end to your spook."

    Deutsche Wohnen & Co enteignen

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