Ssangyong occupation update: days seven/eight, July 26-27, 2009

Ssangyong occupation update: days seven/eight, July 26-27, 2009

The police are closing in on the paint department, but the strikers occupying the factory are not backing down. They broadcast their determination to "fight to the death" over loudspeakers from the paint department roof, only to have the cop helicopters immediately resume the bombardment with bags of a toxic teargas mixture.

The map below shows that as of Monday at 1:00 p.m. the cops have fought their way even closer to occupied paint department (at bottom center with the number 2):

***Sunday, July 26, 2009***

Workers holed up in the factory:

Striker with broken wrist (on left) leaving the factory:
Striker with injuries from tear gas:
After battle, a striker watches the sunset feeling like he's in "a prison without bars":

There is no water remaining in the occupied factory, so what water is left was boiled from whatever they stored or scavenged after water was cut off. Now they are rationing what little remains (view from inside the paint department:

***Update Monday, July 27, 2009***

Factory occupiers had a rally at 7:00 a.m., seen in the photo below:

Then at 11:00 a.m. they had a press conference by an amplified sound system from atop the roof of the paint department, see here:
Which was immediately attacked by helicopters dropping bags with the toxic teargas mixture:

In their statement the workers warned of a "fight to the death" if there is continued use of "state power" to attack them. They also said it is a "mistake" to try to suppress the occupation with violence, which will result in a "terrible disaster."

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