Strikes at Culture & Sport Glasgow

Strikes at Culture & Sport Glasgow

Workers at leisure centres, art galleries, community centres and other cultural sites in Glasgow have taken part in two days of strike action over pay and working conditions.

Culture & Sport Glasgow (CSG), which runs the sites, has imposed a pay freeze on all staff, a pay cut of 10% on several hundred workers, and has cut overtime and public holiday rates. Weekly working hours are being reduced from 37 to 35 with a 6% cut in pay. In response, two walkouts have taken place, on the 30th of April and 6th of May, with further action threatened.

Members of the GMB, Unite, Unison and BECTU unions have been involved in the industrial action, which led to the closure of a number of sites across Glasgow, and the disruption of private functions, sporting events, concerts and theatre performances. Around 1,400 staff are believed to have taken part in the action.

CSG was established several years ago as a semi-private organisation, and runs over 150 venues across the city.

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