TV Times 14-20 April 2007


Back to business in the new guide to this post-Easter broadcasting week's interesting political TV.

With documentaries and dramas on the beginnings of fundamentalism in Islam, the fate of the Morecambe Bay cockle-pickers, the struggles of a paedophile who does want to change and finds no support and a study of troilism, there's something for everyone..

Sun 15 April - 10.55pm - 1.25am - Channel 4 - A Clockwork Orange
This 1971 brilliantly directed Kubrick classic paints a chilling portrait of a future dystopian society and examines the virtues or otherwise of certain forms of "behavioural therapy".

Mon 16 April - 8-9pm - Channel 4 - Ghetto Britain
An examination by Dr. Robert Beckford of whether the Race Relations Act and Commission for Racial Equality have succeeded in bringing about cohesion in communities or exacerbated divisions. Includes a visit to Dagenham where the BNP have garnered local support in recent years.

Mon 16 April - 9-10pm - Channel 5 - Hidden Lives: Three In A Bed
A documentary featuring interviews with proponents of troilism and polyamory.

Tue 17 April - 7.15-8pm - Channel 5 - Big Ideas That Changed the World - Islam
In this documentary Benazir Bhutto, the former prime minister of Pakistan, traces the history of Islam saying that proponents of the religion favoured peace and tolerance until the first attacks by the Crusaders in 1095 after which a religious sub-group formed intent on justifying murder and martydom in the name of Allah.

Tue 17 April - 10pm - 12.00am - More4 - Ghosts
Nick Broomfields drama based on the tragic events of 2004 when the Morecambe Bay cockle-pickers lost their lives. In Mandarin with English sub-titles.

Tue 17 April - 10.30-11.40pm - BBC4 - A Story of People in War and Peace
Journalist Vardan Hovhannisyan examines life in the villages devastated during the Nagorno-Karabakh war. A Storyville film which demonstrates the chaos and suffering caused at the destruction of the old Soviet Union and tells the story of people whose tale would otherwise largely go untold.

Pick of the Week: red n black star
Thu 19 April - 9-10.30pm - Channel 4 - Secret Life
It is a strange week indeed when the Pick of the Week on libcom is a drama featuring Matthew- MI5-Not-9-5!-Macfadyen but here terrestrial tv proves it still has the ability to surprise and provoke on occasion. This drama tells the story of a predatory paedophile who is released from prison and wants help to prevent re-offending and finds little help forthcoming. This has received criticism from right wing reviewers who view it as "remorselessly grim" which suggests there may be an element of realism to it!

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