TV Times 17-23 February 2007

TV Times 17-23 February 2007

Chilling would appear to be an apposite epithet for this weeks viewing selections, with documentaries on 9/11 conspiracy theorists, a state executioner cum Holocaust denial apologist and the Children of God - the notorious paedeophile-practising alleged religious sect.

Sun 18 February - 9 -10pm - BBC2 - 9/11 - The Conspiracy Files - 2/4
Following on from the first episode shown just before Christmas, reporters in this edition cross the length and breadth of the US in order to explore a wide range of conspiracy theories.

Mon 19 February - 9 - 10.45pm - More4 - Mr. Death - the Rise and Fall of Fred A Leuchter Jr
Chilling Errol Morris documentary about a US state executioner who also became an apologist for Holocaust denial.

Tue 20 February - 9 - 11pm - More4 - The Thin Blue Line
Sensing a miscarriage of justice, film-maker Errol Morris investigates the case of Randall Adams who, having narrowly escaped the electric chair, is serving life for the murder of a policeman in Dallas in 1976.

Tue 20 February - BBC2 - 11.20 - 11.50pm - Trust Me I'm A Healer - 6/6 - Tony Super Energy
The final programme in this gently mocking strand looks at the life and work of a healer who uses bizarre homemade props like a crown of thorns in order to "cure" infertility.

Pick of the Week red n black star
Thu 22 February - Channel 4 - 2.45 - 3.45 am - Cutting Edge: Cult Killer
Well worth watching for those who missed it the first time around, this documentary provides a shocking insight into the Children of God - the most notorious alleged religious sect to arise out of the 60s US counter-culture. An upsetting watch due to its depiction of the paedophile activities practised by many cult members as advocated by the cult leader this is essential viewing, nonetheless,to gain an insight into just how cults gradually brainwash their members and into - sadly - the depths of depravity hitherto well-meaning people can sink when subject to this variety of malign influence.

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