TV Times 21-27 April 2007

TV Times 21-27 April 2007

An extremely thought-provoking range of political programmes await the discerning viewer this week.

This weeks selections feature political unrest heavily, with documentaries on Cuban involvement in Africa, the internal chaos that reigns in Pakistan, the history of black radicalism and race riots in Britain and a debate on the potential merits of acts of terrorism.

Mon 23 April - 8-9pm - Channel 4 - Dispatches: Between the Mullahs and the Military
An insight into the internal conflict raging in modern-day Pakistan.

Mon 23 April - 9-10pm - Channel 4 - Cutting Edge: Killer Road
Intimate interviews with relatives who have lost loved ones to the infamous A46 in Lincolnshire.
The loss of loved ones at the hands of careless and/or drunk drivers has been the subject of recent heated debate on libcom.

Mon 23 April - 9-10pm - Channel 5 - Raised by the Hand of God: Hidden Lives
This documentary-maker meets proponents of austere physical child discipline, both American and British, who claim that their techniques are directly inspired by Biblical prerogative.

Tue 24 April - 7.15-8pm - Channel 5 - Big Ideas That Changed the World: Terrorism
Terry Waite traces the history of terrorism back to the French Revolution and asks if the use of violence in achieving political aims is ever justified. He also considers how negotiating with terrorists can lead to positive outcomes.

Pick of the Week red n black star
Tue 24 April - 10.30-11.30pm - BBC4 - Cuba! Africa! Revolution! - 1/2
A Storyville investigation of Cuba's interventions in Africa from the 1960's onwards which then examines the response of the United States. This detailed documentary also contains footage of Che Guevara leading Cuban soldiers to the Congo to support the rebel movement and features interviews with comrades of Che's, the local CIA chief and diverse African politicians.

Wed 25 April - 10.30-11.35pm- More 4 - Travels with my Camera - Darcus Howe
A personal perspective from Darcus on the history of black radicalism with strong archive clips and including a personal account of his own involvement in the Brixton riots of 1981.

Wed 25 April - 11-11.40pm - BBC4 - The Guernica Children
A documentary telling the story of the Basque children who were evacuated to the UK during the Spanish Civil War.

Fri 27 April - 9-9.50pm - BBC2 - Timewatch: The Hidden Children
Intensely moving documentary telling the personal stories of four of the Jewish children who escaped deportation to the death camps because of the courage and kindness shown by ordinary French people at the height of the despicable collaboration of the Vichy French regime with the Nazis.

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