TV Times - 4 - 10 August 2007

Alan Turing

This weeks top selections as we move into the quietest broadcasting month of the year concern Britain's flood defences and the lives and ideas of four pioneering mathematicians.

Also this week life continues for the residents of the Pepys estate and Muslim extremism falls under the spotlight once more.

Mon 6 August - 8 - 9pm - Channel 4 - Dispatches: Britain Under Attack
This edition looks at support in the UK for Muslim extremism and militancy from a variety of sources.

Mon 6 Aug - 8.30 - 9pm - BBC1 - Panorama - The Cost of Keeping Britain Dry
This week Britain's flood defences are examined and the film-makers ask if enough is being done to prevent further tragedy and loss of life from severe flooding.

Mon 6 Aug - 10.35 - 11.25pm - BBC1 - The Tower - 7/8
In this penultimate episode of the documentary that took three years to film the first wealthy residents move onto the Pepys estate.

Pick of the Week red n black star
Wed 8 August - 10.05 - 11.35pm - BBC4 - Dangerous Knowledge
In this documentary homage is paid to four innovative mathematical thinkers whose ideas were of great significance and influence and, sadly, whose lives ended in tragedy - namely Georg Cantor, Ludwig Boltzmann, Kurt Godel and Alan Turing. These men were in a very real sense libertarian scientists as they attempted to challenge prevailing orthodoxies and certainties about the nature of the world we live in.

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