Nestor Makhno memorial coin issued by Ukrainian central bank

Images of a memorial coin for Ukrainian anarchist guerrilla leader, Nestor Makhno. Nominal cost of the money - 2 hryvnias, cost - 20 hryvnias (around 1.80 euro), alltogether 30000 coins printed.

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Nov 4 2013 01:55


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Nov 4 2013 01:55

Nov 4 2013 10:45


Serge Forward
Nov 4 2013 12:37

Yeah, it's really fucking depressing. I believe the name 'Makhno' gets bandied about in all sorts of inappropriate ways in Ukraine, with Nestor or Batko Makhno on various commodities. I believe even the nationalists claim him as one of theirs as well.

Nov 4 2013 13:09

Red Marriott
Nov 4 2013 13:25

Russian Makhno mustard;

Nov 4 2013 23:08

Gulyai-Polye playing cards:

Serge Forward
Nov 5 2013 00:00

To be fair, only spades are Makhnovist. The hearts are Bolshevik with Trotsky as King, the other suits are clubs Denikin and diamonds is Skoropadskyi. I really want a pack of those embarrassed

Nov 12 2013 21:11
Nov 12 2013 21:14

Makhno art. My favourite is biker Makhno:

Nov 12 2013 22:10
Karetelnik wrote:
Gulyai-Polye playing cards:

All I can think is

That's amazing hair!

I mean... Look at it! I'm guessing he didn't have the growth to best Kropotkin in the beard area so he came right back with that shockingly voluminous wave.

Nov 12 2013 23:38

You reckon Makhno looks good - you want to see his dancer mate Bezski.